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Full Version: Dolby Digital 5.0 .mkv shows as 4.1 in default skin
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Apologies if posted in wrong section, first time poster.

As per the title, a DVD rip of "The Corrs Unplugged" which has a dolby digital 5.0 audio track is displayed as containing a 4.1 audio track. I'm assuming 5.0 is pretty rare as DVDs go, hence perhaps why this hasn't come up before?

Many thanks to the developers and all who contribute to xbmc.
Is this a cosmetic Problem or has it any issues?
I don't have any sort of surround channel level meter/visualiser, but MediaInfo for Mac OS seems to confirm the correct 5.0 channels within the .mkv file. The file seems to sound as you would expect so I think it's mainly a cosmetic issue.

As a software engineering graduate (without seeing the source code), it's almost as if the display algorithm is:

display (numChannels -1)".1"

if that makes sense Smile
As far as the files in the Confluence skin, it does seem to assume that 5 channels equals the "4.1" image flag. There's no image for "5.0".


So one hopes this is only a cosmetic issue :)
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