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[FORK] "PseudoTV Live" w/ LiveTV, InternetTV and added Strm Support - Lunatixz - 2013-07-14 06:25

[Image: NvgA34Y.png]

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    This isn't a membership, service or subscription, if you donate, Please consider it as such; a "Donation" with no perceived obligations on my part.

    After donating please Private Message Me! with the subject "Donation" and include your paypal email & date of transaction. Once your donation is verified your login info will be sent between 7-10 business days.

Show your support by using the links below to signup for video service that are used by PseudoTV Live.
  • Signup today for USTVnow using the logo below!! Its free and includes a few standard definition streams. Premium service offers High definition streams and more channels w/DVR features. Even if you already have an account, please use the link to acknowledge my referral.

    Consider buying a lifetime Playon service. Playon can integrate "Amazon Prime", "Hulu" and "Netflix" along with many other sources with PseudoTV Live.

    Filmon offers a wide variety of Live TV content and original programing, signup today!

    [Image: ustvnow.png][Image: zX6gl3d.jpg][Image: 4uFx4wh.jpg]

    My only affiliation with the above companies is to forward referrals. I do not represent them in any capacity.

Become a part of the PseudoTV Live Community!
  • Private Message Me!your gmail, and you will be added as a contributor to the community list.

    This will be the home for a few lists that will automatically populate channels.The list will primarily be made up of youtube channels, playlists, custom networks, rss feeds and Kodi plugin configurations.

    Your job is to maintain the list! amend the lists as you see fit. PseudoTV Live will build directly from the community lists. Please try not to leech, if you have a working configuration... share it with the community!
    Click here for more details

Key Features:
  • [ ] Kodi WebServer interface w/EPG and Remote
    [ ] Online Channel configurations, Custom Skin's and Community Lists via Pseudotvlive.com website.
    [½] Full Kodi integration including Context Menu, Hot keys and Artwork.
    [✓] Overlay Sidebar ("On Now") Skinnable quick menu.
    [✓] "Coming Up Next" Skinable Overlay.
    [ ] Enhanced EPG icon flags (rec, new, sickbeard, couchpotato, HD, PG rating).
    [✓] Dynamic artwork for EPG and Overlay.
    [✓] Enhanced Guide Data: "Find Missing Art/Info" using TVDB, TMDB, Fanart.TV
    [✓] Donor Features.
    [✓] Skin Selector.
    [½] Music Channel Type.
    [✓] Music Video Channels with Internet Streaming features.
    [✓] EZ channel configuration ("Autotune").
    [✓] EZ in-app channel configuration
    [✓] Ability to add channels via Kodi favourites list.
    [✓] EPG Guide Data Listings via PVR Backend
    [✓] Hdhomerun Support (Dual/Prime).
    [✓] USTVnow w/ EPG data(Auto Tune).
    [✓] Automatic Bumpers, Commercials, and Trailers w/ Online support ("BCT's").
    [✓] Youtube/RSS Channel types *parser core by peppy6582
    [✓] TVDB/TMDB/IMDB/Fanart.TV Integration w/ trakt support
    [½] Sickbeard / Couchpotato Integration (Map Record button to queue selected show for download, Visual indicators if show is managed by either program).
    [✓] Error handling (dead link) filter.
    [✓] EPG Color Categories
    [✓] Autostart Service *core created by Steveb1968
    [✓] Channel Manager Tool (Windows Only)
    [ ] Android Companion Tool
    [ ] PVR (Recording Feature)
    [ ] Virtual Movie Poster (Showtime) Integration.
    [ ] Web backend featuring: EPG, Channel editor, Remote Control.
    [✓] Direct Plugin directory channel building (ie. Mylibrary method without the need to build strms).
    [✓] Direct Playon channel building (Requires Playon Software).
    [✓] Direct UPNP channel building (Requires UPNP Software or Devices).
    [✓] Kodi PVR Backend channel building.
    [✓] Classic Coming Up Next dialog artwork.
    [½] Vevo Music Video Channel w/ EPG Information
    [✓] Settop Box mode, 24/7 Operation w/ self updating channels.
    [✓] Multiroom Video Mirroring.
    [✓] Multiroom Channel sharing.
    ✓ = Added to master
    ½ = Added to master, but may not be functional.


Check and install all missing dependency modules!!, listed below
If PseudoTV Live was installed correctly most, if not all dependencies should have automatically installed.


Recommended for autotune & Live Channels:

Recommended for enhanced interface:

Topic Rules:
  • I encourage everyone, novice to expert to share information and ideas on how to improve this plugin. You are free to contribute as you see fit... Share your skins, etc... But please respect a few rules.

    1. PLEASE READ FIRST THREE POSTS BEFORE POSTING, I will update the post to keep information relevant.

    2. Do not post illegal internet feeds, or related plugins banned from Kodi's forum.

    3. Before posting, try using the search tool to find your answer. Please do not abuse private messaging, the proper way to ask for help is through the forum.

    4. Report all bugs with as much detail as possible, accompanied by a link to your log. Please do not post Incomplete or snippets of your log. If you have privacy concerns you can PM me your log.

    In Order to post logs, you need to enable both Debugging in Kodi and in PTVL (under Misc settings). Skin issues are not considered a bug, so no log is necessary. If you can include a link to a screenshot it would be appreciated.

    5. Follow Kodi's code of conduct.

    Any users who repeatedly abuse the topic rules may find themselves on my ignore list, you can appeal by contacting me outside of the forum.


What's the difference between PseudoTV and PseudoTV Live?
  • Jason102 created one of the most popular programs for Kodi. Which should be credited for bringing in a huge influx of new users via articles published by lifehacker, etc...
    That being said this plugin in no way tries to shadow the work started by Jason, but merely to add options that deviate from the original nature of his program.

    To my knowledge there has been two other PseudoTV spinoffs Jtucker's "TV-Time" which was abandoned a number of years ago; and Angrycamel's "LiveTV" Mod which allowed Hdhomerun w/ XMLTV EPG Info. Till now the "LiveTV" mod has been kept functional and up to date by me. Which is what lead to my revival of lost features and new ones. This plugin attempts to bring old features back, and new features forward; such as added tuner support, live internet feeds, rss and strm support and auto channel population.

    In short the two plugins differ in that PseudoTV was designed for local media. PseudoTV Live adds tuner and internet features in addition to local media.

Guides, Tutorials and Miscellaneous Documents and Tools:

Special Thanks to:
jason102, angrycamel, jtucker1972, ARYEZ, peppy6582, earlieb, Steveb1968, kurumushi, twinther, LordIndy, ronie, mcorcoran, sphere, giftie, spoyser, Eldorados, lambda, kickin, bradvido88, Phil65, RagnaroktA, bry-

Forgive grammatical mistakes and typo's this was written quickly and I have a lot of information to get out there... I will edit as i go!

RE: [FORK] PseudoTV w/ LiveTV, InternetTV and added Strm Support - Lunatixz - 2013-07-14 07:16

Migration info:
  • If you already have pseudotv installed:
    This version is independent from the original Pseudotv; this will help facilitate the transition between copies. Now you can experiment with this plugin and see if its for you, without any worry. Your userdata (ie cache,playlists,settings.xml,settings2.xml) are all compatible... but outdated. Copy this data over to userdata/script.pseudotv.live/ and be sure to check the settings before running.

    If you are new to pseudotv:
    Install, check settings, then run... pseudotv live will automatically build a few channels including some InternetTV channels; see “Autotune” above...
    All configurations should be either manual or through Pseudotv's channel manager...

Required Changes!
Recommended Changes!
Disable Play Next Automatically under XBMC Video and Music Settings
  • Edit your advancedsettings.xml, add the following:
            <curlclienttimeout>15</curlclienttimeout>  <!-- Timeout in seconds for libcurl (http/ftp) connections -->
            <curllowspeedtime>5</curllowspeedtime>  <!-- Time in seconds for libcurl to consider a connection lowspeed -->
            <cachemembuffersize>0</cachemembuffersize>  <!-- number of bytes used for buffering streams ahead in memory
            XBMC will not buffer ahead more than this. WARNING: for the bytes set here, XBMC will consume 3x the amount of RAM -->

Running XBMC on windows? Download this I/O Cache tool and set to "Multimedia".

New to PseudoTV?:
  • If you are new to PseudoTV, take the time to read through the forum... try to familiarize yourself with the terms, settings and basic concept of this plugin.
    Before running PseudoTV Live remember to configure any plugins that require login information or setup (ie. USTVnow, etc).

Understanding Settings:
  • General:
    • Open Channel configuration – Opens In app channel manager.
      Enable Autostart – Allows PTVL to run automatically when XBMC starts.
      Auto-off Timer - Executes a shutdown action after a given amount of time.
      Auto-off Mode - Shutdown action options ie. Shutdown, Reboot, Quit PTVL, Etc...
      Force channel reset – Forces PTVL to rebuild all internal playlists (ie. Channels).

      Time between reset - Globally controls all channel rebuilding times.
      • Automatic- let’s PTVL control when a channel should be repopulated with media.
        Daily, weekly and monthly - forces PTVL to rebuild all channels after it given time…
        Never - Channel playlist always remains the same, playlists grow old.
        Every Time - All channels rebuild at every startup.

      Default channel times at startup – Controls the "Pseudo" TV feel of PTVL.
      • Real time - channel either running or not will seek through the playlist in real time, emulating live tv.
        Random - forces PTVL to randomly select a show to start with on each channel.
        Resume - Starts all channels where you last left off when exiting PTVL.

      Background Updating:
      • Minimum Use and Off - builds all channel playlists before PTVL starts playing.
        On - builds the first available channel playlists and plays it while building the rest of the channels in the background. Note
        depending on your configuration not all channels will be available instantly with background updating enabled.

      Set-top Box Mode – Depending on advanced channel rules and "Time between reset" configuration. PTVL will repopulate channels every “x” hours.
      Show Notifications – Displays visual feedback of background processes.
    More settings explained! Coming soon...

    Understanding Autotuning:

    Auto tuning automatically configures your channels. By default on first run it will build a few LiveTV, XBMC Library Content (TV/Movies), Youtube Channels and Plugin channels based off the plugins installed on your system. At anytime you can manually configure "AutoTuning" in PTVL's channel manager. If you want more control of your channel lineups, take the time to learn how to use the In-App manager's advanced settings. For the best PseudoTV Live experience its recommend you either use a mix of autotune and custom channels, or setup all your channels with the included In-App channel manager.
    • Playlist:
      • Find Custom Playlist - Custom "Smart Playlists" can be configured to automatically populate channels. Simply create a smart playlist (Episode/Movie/Mixed/Music) with the name "Channel_#" # = Channel number (Please start with "1" and keep channels in sequential order).

        Find Super Favorites - Custom Plugin Playlists further details below:
        • This is still in beta, report bugs with full logs. Please be sure to thank Spoyser for his great work, Buy him a biscut?
          Support for Super Favourites can be found [URL="http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=192662"]here[/URL]

          What you need to know:
          In super favorites create a folder named "Channel_#" (# = Channel number). Favorite something in XBMC, add it to the channel folder you want it in.
          If you want to keep the root of Super Favorites menu neat you can place your "Channel_#" folders into a folder named ""PseudoTV_Live" either way autotune will add the channel folders.
          Either example works: But you can only use one style, not both...
          Super Favorites
          Super Favorites
          What will work, what won't work:
          As with the direct plugin chtype (not all plugins are created equally, it will be hit or miss with some plugins.)

          Favorite single media links or Directories filled with media... But be warned, be conservative!! Don't use the master root that is filled with multiple directories, filled with multiple files... you will most likely crash XBMC.

          Also do not favorite a plugin and try using that link, it won't work... only favorite folders or files from within a plugin. It is recommend you use Super Favorites for merging multiple plugins and types together, Not for parsing a single plugin. For that use "Direct Plugin" chtype.

          Please report all bugs with logs, only way to build compatibility for all plugins... so please submit...

          Due to the limitations of XBMC, I can't catch errors from within another plugin! So it really is hit or miss which plugins work. Some plugins may crash PseudoTV Live, others will work great. Please post your success stories!!

          Currently channel building is blind to reserved channel numbers, Channels will build sequentially despite folder numbers.

          (I'm currently trying to figure out the best way to add some logic to auto tune channel building, so channel numbers can be reserved, but for now they are ignored).

          Turn on autotune and select from the options listed, All Super Favorite folders named (Channel_#) # = Channel Number, will be found and parsed.

      • !XMLTV file is required for PVR/HDHomerun LiveTV *For details refer to XMLTV HowTo. Once you have an xmltv file with matching "ZAP2it" ID's and Matching "Display-names" is required! So if your strm/pvr channel is named "Fox" but your xmltv file lists "WNYW" they will not match, make the appropriate changes to insure a match.

        Find PVR Backend - If you are using "LiveTV PVR Backend" for XBMC, this will configure PTVL with those channels.

        Find HDhomerun (Strms/UPNP) - If you have a folder with "strm" files typically generated by HDhomerun setup. Select it's location and PTVL will build channels. If you are us HDhomerun Prime and have UPNP access to it. Select "UPNP Devices", "HDhomerun" then either "Channel" or if you prefer "Favorites".

        Find USTVnow - USTVnow does not require it's own XMLTV file. PTVL will supply it. You only need an internet connection and My version of the USTVnow plugin found in post 1 and a active (Free/Premium) account.

        Find SmoothStreams - SmoothStreams does not require it's own XMLTV file. PTVL will supply it. You only need an internet connection, mystreamstv.beta plugin and an active account.[/s]

      • Media located in your XBMC library will be used to populate channels.

        Find TV Networks - Channels based on TV Networks found in your collection (ie. NBC, FOX).

        Find Movie Studios - Channels based on Studios found in your collection (ie. Twentieth Century Fox Film).

        Find TV Genres - Channels based on TV Genres found in your collection (ie. Action, Drama).

        Find Movie Genres - Channels based on Movie Genres found in your collection (ie. Action, Drama).

        Find Mixed Genres - Mixed Channels based on TV/Movie Genres found in your collection (ie. Action, Drama). this channel will include both TV shows and Movies on one channel.

        Find Recently Added - Two Channels based on TV shows and Movies added within the last 14 days.

      • Find Music Genres - Channels based on Music Genres found in your collection (ie. Rock, Rap). Not 100% Functional yet.

        Find Music Videos using VevoTV - Music Video Channel using a VevoTV feed.

        Find Music Videos using Last.FM - Music Video Channel based on your Last.FM scrobble data. (Requires an active Last.fm account).

        Find Music Videos using Local Directory - Music Video Channel from a local folder collection of videos.

      For details on joining the community lists see post 1!
      • Find Plugin Channels - Channels parsed from either a "Community" list of plugin configurations or a "Private" Donor list.

        Find Playon Channels - Channels parsed from either a "Community" list of plugin configurations or a "Private" Donor list.

        Find Random RSS Channels - Channels parsed from a "Community" list of recommended RSS Feeds.

        Find Random Internet Channels - Channels parsed from either a "Community" list of Internet Feeds or a "Private" Donor list. (Not available @kodi.tv)

        Find Youtube Network Channels - Channels parsed from a "Community" list of Multiple Youtube Channels or Playlists in-order to create one network channel.

        Find Random Youtube Channels - Channels parsed from a "Community" list of recommended Youtube Channels.

        Find Random Youtube Playlists - Channels parsed from a "Community" list of recommended Youtube Playlists.

    Skin Information:
    • General
      • Icon names must match Channel Name exactly (ie. ABC = ABC.png) 18 Character limit.

      Dynamic Art / EPG Colors
      EPG Coloring
      • Channel type - Gives you a color based on the chtype. (ie. TV/Movie/Mixed/Network/Studio/Directory/Custom/LiveTV/InternetTV/Youtube/RSS/Music)
        Genre type - searches your xmltv file for a genre, if one isn't found and tvdb/imdb is enabled it will scrape one. For local media, xbmc will query your database for genre info.
        Rating type - Uses MPAA ratings for both TV and Movies to color code by rating, Yellow being safe, Orange, Red for adults. Check changelog for details.

    Brief XMLTV Tutorial:

    What is XMLTV? XMLTV is a very popular XML based file format for describing TV listings. see XMLTVFormat

    How do I get an XMLTV File? there is several ways, I will list two possible ways:
    Free: If you want to build a xmltv file for free with very basic info try MC2XML
    Pay: If you want a more detailed TV listing try Schedules Direct

    I suggest you build your XMLTV file with only a few channels, and no more then 3 days data (follow the guidelines listed in the grabbers you have chosen).

    *If you build a XMLTV file over 2mb the plugin will take longer to load (smaller file = quicker load times; so chose wisely when building your xmltv file, you don't need info for channels you don't have nor do you need to list more then a week at a time!)

    XMLTV must use it's default encoding format "ISO-8859-1" do not enable "UTF-8"

    Please visit XMLTV for more info...

    LiveTV and InternetTV Sources:

    This list gives examples of how to find ("legally") media sources sorted by extension... I do not encourage the use of unsupported plugins that source illegal media Wink
    A general rule of thumb "one link per PTV channel" and only use sources that work! if a live feed is down PTV will not be happy. Somewhere down the line I will try and add some type of url verifier to avoid this problem.

    pvr:// - Access your XBMC PVR backend.

    hdhomerun:// - Use installed hdhomerun software, select XBMC as player type; This will generate strm files for each channel found by your tuner. Open the strm file with notepad and use one of those links.

    plugin:// & upnp:// - Open any XBMC plugin, highlight the media you want and add it to your XBMC favorites. Open favorites.xml with notepad and use the entire link.
    * This process isn't 100% supported. To many plugins to test them all... If your plugin works with PseudoTV live, please let me know.
    * I plan to add the option to directly setup channels using your "favorites.xml" expect this option in future builds.
    * I would like to start a list of "supported" plugins so if you use a plugin... let me know if it works!

    rtmp:// & http:// - Download a "URL Snooper" find a website with the media you want... Play it in the browser and the snooper will find the "rtmp" link.
    * This isn't guaranteed to work if your media is DRM protected; additional information (api key,token,etc) may be required.

    mms:// & rtsp:// - Follow video, but select rtsp or mms instead of rtp. How to stream through VLC (for non hdhomerun tuners).

    *.strms - Use this file as if it were a media file, either locally or over network. Chtype 9 "IntertnetTV" is recommend for strms that contain live feeds not a single movie or episode.
    * For single movies and tv episodes you can forgo adding nfo files in favor of directly scraping with XBMC (without any nfo's present). If your movie or tv show fails to show up in XBMC then create a nfo and try again...
    * Additional information can be found at How to add Hulu, Amazon and other various Movie and TV show strms to pseudotv.
    * Bluecops Hulu, and bradvido88 XBMC Mylibrary are great sources for strms.

    XBMC Wiki on source protocols
    Guide to Internet Streaming on XBMC

    Bumpers, Commercials and Trailers (BCT's):
    If Auto is enabled for BCT's: PTVL will add one bumper and automatically fill commercials and trailers in order to stay under the "hide short clip" value.

    Bumpers are short videos TV stations play between shows. If not auto, select your bumper folder and the amount of bumpers you would like between each show. Organize bumpers by channel name, e.g.
    • Code:

    (C )ommercials:
    Commercials are any short video advertisement or promo. Options include:
    • Local folder, Select your folder and If not auto, select the amount of Commercials you would like between each show.

      Internet (Donor Exclusive) , Parses various website for commercials filtered by region and resolution. Configure: (Region, All), select preferred resolution.
      Available regions include.

      Youtube, Similar to a YouTube chtype. Channels, Playlists, and User Subscriptions are available. Configure: (Name,Type,Limit), example below.

      Channel: (MotorTrend,1,50,0) | Playlist: (PL9bsPVRSg1sl0kSa99jrim69esS0lQrkF,2,50,0) | User: (Username,3,50,0)

    • Local folder, Select Trailers Folder, If not auto, select the amount of Trailers you would like between each show.

      XBMC Library, aka json parse your xbmc library for trailer urls. Option to match genre trailers to genre channel.

      Internet (Donor Exclusive) , Parses various website for trailers filtered by resolution.

      Youtube, Similar to a YouTube chtype. Channels, Playlists, and User Subscriptions are available. Configure: (Name,Type,Limit), example below.

      Channel: (MotorTrend,1,50,0) | Playlist: (PL9bsPVRSg1sl0kSa99jrim69esS0lQrkF,2,50,0) | User: (Username,3,50,0)

    How to setup Sharing:

    Channel Sharing:

    Channel Sharing, allows synchronization between multiple XBMC instances. Sharing works by copying a "master" setting2.xml to a "slave" instances while also syncing it's cache and bct folder.
    • Master - Slave Setup:
      • Pick a Master XBMC Instance, this will be your main XBMC with already has a configured settings2.xml.
      • Network Share "master" userdata/script.pseudotv.live/ folder.
      • Go to your "client" instance and enable channel sharing from within PTVL's settings. Point the share folder to the "master" "userdata/addon_data/script.pseudotv.live" folder.
      • While in settings configure PTVL's settings. All relevant settings (BCT's, Startup type ie. real-time, Misc.) should be the same as "master" setup. Visuals, OS type, and other non relevant settings can be configured independently.

      When the Client starts and stops it will sync itself to the "master". As long as you don't have any channel rules that overwrite sharing (random, pause) your shows should be within a few minutes of each other.
      If you are using "LiveTV" Each instance of PTVL has to be configured to use the same xmltv file. Easiest way is to network share the folder you keep your xmltv file in, then configure each instance to use that folder.

      Multiroom Setup:
      • In addition to the instructions above, Repeat the same instructions on the "master"; Sharing to the "client" instance.
      • Make sure to run the client end at least once before configuring sharing.
      When each (master/client) instances starts they will sync between each other creating a "multiroom" experience.

    Video Mirroring:

    Unlike channel sharing "Video Mirroring" doesn't require PTVL to run on a client device. It only requires another system running XBMC (future plans include full UPNP support which will eliminate the need for a client to run XBMC).
    The "master" instance of PTVL acts as video server, all media played will be forwarded to it's clients. No user control (ie. EPG/Overlay) is available on the client end. It's simply a mirror of the master instance.
    Config the clients IP:Port / User:Password information, for up to three client devices...

RE: [FORK] PseudoTV w/ LiveTV, InternetTV and added Strm Support - Lunatixz - 2013-07-14 07:38

Supported Tuners:
  • All XBMC LiveTV Backends through XBMC pvr:// protocol
  • HDhomerun - Directly through XBMC hdhomerun:// , upnp:// protocol
  • USB Tuner (please send me model #'s, but cheap generic was tested). -- VLC Stream
  • Ceton -- VLC Stream

Supported Plugins:
  • Many...


The EPG is sluggish
Do you have dynamic art enabled? If yes, wait for it to finish running. Let it run more then once... Give it time to build a cache.

If your EPG is still sluggish, disable EPG coloring, Extra EPG info, Season/Episode formating. All found under Visuals, EPG settings.

If still sluggish disable Dynamic artwork. Also read the " PseudoTV Live takes forever to load" FAQ

How do I use the "Last Channel" feature?
Easiest way to map the key is to download the Keymap editor program for XBMC, go to "Global", "Virtual Keyboard", "Shift" then map it to whatever key you want. Enjoy Smile

"Why are my episodes out of order?" Could be one of two reasons.
  • 1). If you are using a custom playlist you need to make sure its configured as "episodes" not "TV Show"
    2). Make sure either your custom playlist or the Media Limit set in PTVL's settings is set to "Unlimited"
Make sure to enable "Show Ordering" from within PTVL's Channel Manager, this is a per channel rule.

"What is InternetTV Autotune?" When enabled channels based on the plugins installed to your system will be generated automatically along with some Youtube/RSS sample Channels (Donor Access may be required).

What is AutoTune? Autotune, automatically populates channels based on the media scraped in your XBMC library and the options selected in settings.This will change your channel settings, so use caution.
A built in channel backup will give you an option to restore the "previous" settings

Could I have XMLTV data with my InternetTV? Yes, just use "LiveTV" chtype; find the timezone that your feed is in and configure your xmltv grabber accordingly.

After making a donation how do you get donor features to work? Wait for a username:password to be emailed to your paypal address. Enter the User:Pass under "misc" in PTVL settings, click "Activate/Update - Donor features" then use as normal... Anything labeled with a "*" is either exclusive to donors or enhanced by donation. Enhanced = extra content or features...

What is BCT's or PTVL
  • BCT - Bumpers, Commercials, and Trailers.
    PTVL - PseudoTV Live, Some users use (PTV, PSTV, PSTVL).


Unable to populate channel prompt:
  • 1) Try to reload PseudoTV Live, sometimes it tries to load an old configuration.
    2) Is your XBMC webserver enabled?
    3) Possible corrupt settings2.xml, try deleting and starting over.

Black screen when using Chtype 8:
  • 1)Check the path in settings, make sure it's using the correct directory where your xmltv file can be located.
    2)Is your settings2.xml properly configured?
    3)Xmltv has to use "encoding="ISO-8859-1" not UTF-8

Blank screen, black screen on load:
  • 1)InternetTV takes time to load... Is there a "working" prompt? If so no worries, try changing the channel feed could be not available.
    2)Are you missing your "settings.xml"? Did you run setup at least once?
    3)Your "settings2.xml" could have a syntax error, Try starting with no settings2.xml present, so that a new one will generate.
    4)If you have a very intense setting2.xml with a lot of channels, PTV may stall for a minute before filling channels. Wait a few minutes, if nothing changes reload xbmc.
    5)You could have a thrid party XBMC plugin or addon causing problems. There are known issues with the follw.it plugin, trakt (disable http and live channels in trakt).

PseudoTV Live takes forever to load:
  • 1) Reduce the filesize of your xmltv file (lower days fetched, only grab channels your using).
    2) Reduce the number of channels you have or reduce the channels playlist limit to 250 or less.
    3) Set channel reset to automatic.
    4) Your Internet bandwidth is low, reduce bitrate of feed if possible.

Missing Channels:
  • 1) Turn off background updating or set it to minimal... this will increase load time, but you will have all your channels when PseudoTV Live starts.
    2) Make sure your playlist or channel rules don't exclude watched show... at some point you might run out of shows.
    3) Check your settings.xml and settings2.xml
    4) LiveTV/InternetTV filters Dead url's, there is a chance the missing channel is using a dead or offline link.

Buffering issues - This is not a bug in PTVL...
  • 1)Your system is either cpu/memory taxed.
    2)Network bottlenecked, are you running gigabit? cat5e and above?
    3)Internet speed bandwidth is slow, change bitrate of feed if possible.
    Try limited the amount of "service" type plugins loaded by XBMC, this includes skin modules.

Missing information in PseudoTV Live's channel manager - Remove following setting from advancedsettings.xml
  • Code:

  • Performance Issues with script.randomandlastitem and "script.module.myconnpy" if you notice PTVL slow downs try uninstalling this service.
  • Some skin issues something might be off center or whatever... how it looks is low priority, but it will be fixed for final build.
  • In app channel configuration doesn't fully support new channel types. For now I suggested manual configuration using examples found above.
  • This is beta so there may be unforeseen problem...
    There are three known issues that have always been in Pseudotv, even before I forked it...
  • If you are in a channel configuration field and hit backspace to exit the menu, it will backspace over your setting. You need to either use the close button, or select a field that doesn't require a input then backspace.
  • Even tho the box might show a value in channel configurations, it may not actually be there! You need to enter the configuration, if it's blank you know the setting was never recorded. Basically don't assume a "1" is a "1" enter and check.
  • Once you change a advanced rule, if you back up to the next menu then reenter advanced rules, it might not always show your recent change. You need to completely exit the channel configuration menu selecting "save" along the way.


Fan made Custom Skins

Add your own custom PseudoCinema videos!! go to CinemaVision

RE: [FORK] PseudoTV w/ LiveTV, InternetTV and added Strm Support - blobdole - 2013-07-14 08:03

[Image: oh-goodie.gif]

RE: [FORK] KTV - PseudoTV w/ LiveTV, InternetTV and added Strm Support - alienhead95 - 2013-07-14 17:24

Wish I could download right now. Great news. Can't wait. Repped.

RE: [FORK] PseudoTV w/ LiveTV, InternetTV and added Strm Support - XvMMvX - 2013-07-14 23:58

Can't wait! It is finally here.

Can't thank Lunatixz enough for the hard work he has put into this add on.

RE: [FORK] PseudoTV w/ LiveTV, InternetTV and added Strm Support - amet - 2013-07-15 00:18

Please read http://forum.xbmc.org/forumdisplay.php?fid=199 and mod OP accordingly

RE: [FORK] PseudoTV w/ LiveTV, InternetTV and added Strm Support - blazin912 - 2013-07-15 00:33

Luna my core works.. does not write over settings2.. just selects tuner on the fly based on setting selected in the channel sharing gui.

If we need to rev it to include multiple devices that can be done.. can be based on user interest.

RE: [FORK] PseudoTV w/ LiveTV, InternetTV and added Strm Support - Lunatixz - 2013-07-15 00:53

(2013-07-15 00:33)blazin912 Wrote:  Luna my core works.. does not write over settings2.. just selects tuner on the fly based on setting selected in the channel sharing gui.

If we need to rev it to include multiple devices that can be done.. can be based on user interest.

I'm going to modify it... that way its a permanent change... user either wants tuner 0/1/2. Credit already given for initial code (which might not be used, but serves as inspiration).

RE: [FORK] PseudoTV w/ LiveTV, InternetTV and added Strm Support - Lunatixz - 2013-07-15 04:07

alienhead95 Wrote:Hey,
First of all wanted to thank you for the effort you have put in for KTV.
I had a question for you. Will KTV support EPG for live streams?

Yes it will... If you have a internet feed of lets say "nbc" and you know the time zone its in, you could setup xmltv with that info...

As for rss feeds that have individual media and info... this will be included in final build but not in beta.

RE: [FORK] PseudoTV w/ LiveTV, InternetTV and added Strm Support - alienhead95 - 2013-07-15 04:37

Awesome, can't thank you enough.
(2013-07-15 04:07)Lunatixz Wrote:  
alienhead95 Wrote:Hey,
First of all wanted to thank you for the effort you have put in for KTV.
I had a question for you. Will KTV support EPG for live streams?

Yes it will... If you have a internet feed of lets say "nbc" and you know the time zone its in, you could setup xmltv with that info...

As for rss feeds that have individual media and info... this will be included in final build but not in beta.

RE: [FORK] PseudoTV w/ LiveTV, InternetTV and added Strm Support - tacoloco - 2013-07-15 07:23

[Image: Ttnb1VK.png]

RE: [FORK] PseudoTV w/ LiveTV, InternetTV and added Strm Support - blobdole - 2013-07-15 17:32

Made this in about 10 min, you can use if you want, it's pretty crappy though.

Version 1
[Image: 9gZ5zvb.png]
Version 2
[Image: pElcIbK.png]

RE: [FORK] PseudoTV w/ LiveTV, InternetTV and added Strm Support - Lunatixz - 2013-07-15 20:49

Thanks for the great icons... keep them coming... "Pseudo Live" has a ring to it, I think that will be the final name... I'll pick a final icon b4 friday (release day)...
I'm working on getting in program channel editing working for my editions, since I'm starting to think some users may be overwhelmed by the amount of manual configuration needed... No promises this will be finished by friday Sad

RE: [FORK] PseudoTV w/ LiveTV, InternetTV and added Strm Support - bry- - 2013-07-15 21:09

(2013-07-15 20:49)Lunatixz Wrote:  Thanks for the great icons... keep them coming... "Pseudo Live" has a ring to it, I think that will be the final name... I'll pick a final icon b4 friday (release day)...
I'm working on getting in program channel editing working for my editions, since I'm starting to think some users may be overwhelmed by the amount of manual configuration needed... No promises this will be finished by friday Sad

Thank you - as someone who has never used pseudotv I am feeling a bit hesitant to tread these waters.
edit, donation sent.