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Music vs. Movies Loudness - kawika - 2014-02-01 01:30

OS: Gentoo
Installed versions: 12.3 (10:17:31 01/24/14)
Speakers: Analog 2.1

I've got a library of movies, TV shows, and music but I can't quite seem to get one aspect of the perceived loudness correct. When I switch from watching a video to listening to music, without touching the volume knob on the speakers, the music is much louder than the videos. If I set the volume knob on the speakers for music and switch to a video I can barely hear anything at all.

Music Settings:
  • Every music file (Ogg Vorbis and MP3) is tagged with ReplayGain (foobar2000, 89dB)
  • I use Track Gain as my default
  • I've tried setting the pre-amp on music files as low as it goes, 77dB, but that has not produced very much change in the loudness

Video Settings:
  • Volume is set to 0
  • Volume Amplification is set to 50 so I can watch the videos without the "quiet dialog and blistering special effects"; still trying out different values with this one
  • "Boost volume level on downmix" is enabled
  • Changing "<audio><ac3downmixgain>" node in advancedsettings.xml made no perceptible difference in a MKV+AC3 video

Is there anything I can do to further reduce the loudness of music files or increase the loudness of the videos so I don't have to adjust the volume knob every time I switch between videos and music?