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FanArt view for Series - adsoto - 2010-12-19 15:18

I upgraded to Dharma 10.0 and the new T! 3.1.1, at first I thought this was a redesign to show more fanart but I checked on my test box and the view looked as before.

I found that the series listing instead of starting at the top on the right side of the screen start at the middle so you see a lot less series names

[Image: clip3k.jpg]


- ronie - 2010-12-19 15:23

it is, and always was, a skin option:
Skin Settings > Fanart - Long list

i dpn't think anything has changed in this regard.

- adsoto - 2010-12-19 17:50

Oh thanks, I tried to set all options & views as they were before the upgrade but it seems that there are always some undesired effects.
Mistery solved and I actually learned what this option is for