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RE: [RELEASE] Subsonic - viper82 - 2016-07-30 14:06

Hello everyone

this is my first post here.

First I'd like ton thank everyone who is trying to make subsonic usable in Kodi.

I've tried to install the last plugin available here, but it do not seem to work on my Kodi.

My setup is a kodi install upon a raspbian OS on a raspberry pi 3

The Subsonic I want to use is not located on the raspberry but on the Internet.

Does this plugin need to have subsonic locally installed ? Or can it be simply used as a client (this is what I want).

Any help appraciated.

Cheers from France.

RE: [RELEASE] Subsonic - viper82 - 2016-08-21 18:54

Hey I've finally made it working...

Just add to remove the SSLv3 option in connection module in order to use SSLv23 as v3 is not supported anymore in python...

Well ! that's fine...

But for now on, I would like to be able to play my file by folder and note by ID3 tagging.

Is that possible in any manners ?

RE: [RELEASE] Subsonic - Jigg - 2016-08-22 04:19

Viper, any chance you can walk me through how to disable the sslv3, currently on OSMC and running into the same issue as you are.