Adult streaming plugin pack: RedTube & YouP0rn

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Solo0815 Offline
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All the scripts are not on RapidShare anymore. Where can i dl it?
Can anyone upload it pls?

thx in advance

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the_optimist Offline
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Check out this link, created by unbehagen, one of xbmc's best assets:
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pajretX Offline
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does anyone have any problem with redtube and pronshare? pronshare does not work dor me since quite a while now, but redtube has gone recently. cashe progress bar loads up to 100% and then nothing happens. when I change player to dvdplayer it works... kind of.. well.. I cant stream on-the-fly. I tried to change cashe size but did not help

any suggestions?


Damian 'pX' Krawczyk
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DigitalG Offline
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rootyb Wrote:Indiama$$aka, when you hit "add source", did you choose "Video Plugins", then select the plugin, or did you just browse to it?

thanks dude, it toke me a while but I finaly got there.Wink
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