Video Streaming Kills my Internet

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magma42 Offline
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Hi. Really not sure where to start with this but its a problem that only seems to be manifesting either when I'm running XBMC or Boxee.

I open a video-streaming script (or app in Boxee) for say TED or Youtube, really it happens in all of them that I've tried, and start playing a video. Everything will be fine until at some point, the stream just stops completely, cant rewind or play from the beginning, nothing. Can't open any other stream actually, in this or any other script/app. Quitting out to Windows, well what do you know, I have no internet access whatsoever now. Firefox, IE, Opera all open to "Page not found" for any website, any torrent shuts down, can't VNC in, nothing.

This only ever happens in XBMC or Boxee when streaming video, and I can't work out what else the common thread connecting every instance of this might be, like duration or space used or whatever, since it will happen in short ones but not long ones, etc. I'm sure its some painfully obvious quick-fix that I'm just not seeing, but this is damned infuriating. Any help whatsoever is gratefully appreciated.
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jhsrennie Offline
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I find that extended streaming causes my router (Draytek Vigor 2600) to run out of memory and crash. I have to restart it to get Internet access back. I haven't worked out exactly what is upsetting the router because I rarely need to stream anything big so it isn't an issue.

I note that mplayer causes the problem as well, though the BBC iPlayer does not.

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SlavikZ Offline
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You may try to disable QoS control in your router.
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