skins for latest nightly build

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Thumbs Up  skins for latest nightly build
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since as the new build has gone to trunk, ive seen several posts regarding skins.

Ive tried some skins that have been updated to pre-eden but to no avail

can everyone who has manged to get a skin working on the latest nightly build post it on here with a link to it as this would save time for the users, and save on the amount of posts asking for them!
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I'd like some help as well. Tried many things with no luck. Would really like to see PM3.HD work on the new nightlys. Anyone got it working?
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the most Skins only follow if eden goes final:

- use the stable xbmc release.
- ask the skinners (own thread) for updating there skins.
- life with confluence.
- be patient.

Greetz X23
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Neon from the Passion repo (or direct from git) should work fine. If not, please let me know in the Neon forum.
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I just downloaded ZombieRobots' ZStream and it works great.
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