Please help with my 3 issues on my apple TV

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First of all I love Shade! The best skin available so far on XBMC!!!! Great job. Put there are still 3 issues that are giving me a headache....I've searched numerous threats but can't find the (correct) please help!!!!!

1. I have set my TV shows to the Alt. Banners view. and it looks great. But if I look at the coverart for the seasons I see all the covers for the seasons like:season01.tbn, season02.tbn etc. but in the place of all seasons (season-all.tbn) I see the banneer cropped up. And I can't make it to show the selected season-all.tbn, how can I fix this??

2. Is there a way to get another background picture with every season and how. How to name them and where to put them? If I select multiple fanart in the settings menu, it will not show up any fanart at all. If I deselect it it shows up the fanart (one) for the entire Tvshow. Is there a fix and how?

3.I've downloaden theme music through the TVTunes add-on but they dont play if I go to the TVShow. I have tried to add manually theme.mp3 in the root folders, but still no sounds if i go to the TV shows? Actually now I'm thinking about it the menu sounds also don't this the same issue? If I watch a movie or tv show or something everything works fine, but the menu sounds and the TV show sounds just don't work. Is there a fix someone knows about??

I want to thank everyone in advance for the help he/she can give on tackling this issues....but please remember that this is XBMC on a 2nd gen. AppleTV so take that in consideration when you submit your ideas Wink
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