[Request] Addon for the weather site www.yr.no

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Killerzmurf Offline
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This a norwegian weather site, but it also is in english and allows you to search for specific places all over the world.

I love to kitesurf/snowkite and use this site all the time to check the latest forecast for different surfspots.

I would love to have an addon for this site, with the option to search for a specific placename and the option to switch between "overview" "hour by hour" and "long term".
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rcc Offline
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yr.no on xbmc would be awesome.

info about their api http://api.yr.no/
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Mojary Offline
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Here is also the documentation in English:

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Oxize Offline
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Or Accuweather Smile
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waagbo Offline
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Decided to give this a try as part of my easter holiday.

Sent an email to yr.no to clarify a few things, but even if we have to dig through a lot of HTML to get a proper location search,
it looks like it's possible to replicate all or most the functionality of the Yahoo! and Weather Underground services.
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