Photo plugin for Instagram?

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alefteris Offline
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I'm working on an add-on for Instagram. I named it InstaXBMC Smile It's my first attempt at XBMC add-on development, so please have some patience with me Smile I got some head start from some code dfdeath posted in another thread in the forum. I'm also using xbmcswift2, as he did. Want to combine forces dfdeath?

Currently, it's able to browse popular pics, your stream and search for tags and show photos for the selected tag. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to save the user access token on xbmc, needed to access pics from the user Instagram account. I have also made a website where the user can get authenticated with Instagram and get a small code to type into XBMC, so that I can access his account. I'm not sure how secure is that though, because the code for the user to type needs to be small. And small password sand security don't match well... What I'm doing now is save the Instagram token in the database, together with a random 9 char code and a date. Then the user has to type the 9 char password in the xbmc add-on that pulls the full access token from my website db. Then the full token is deleted from my website db. Plus, I delete every token stored in the database after 15min. But I'm not sure if this is enough. Someone could try all 9 char password combinations to get the access tokens. If anyone has any better idea...

If anyone wants to help with dev or with testing, PM me or reply.
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vijayk416 Offline
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Thanks for investigating this. Any progress?
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Renval Offline
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Was searchin for "xbmc Instagram plugin" and found this

Would LOVE this add on. Any news, or progress?
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