[Release] MLBMC - a Major League Baseball (video) add-on

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(2015-07-25 22:39)cablegoon Wrote:  works well - but video is is 2.4MB - which is semi HD - I believe it was always at that resolution. Thanks for keeping this alive Yuioup

Great job on the addon Wink

Is there a way to increase the video bitrate from 2.4mb? The mlb.tv feed looks very nice on my Sony TV with its mlb.tv app, it must be 4.5mb bitrate or higher?

I'm new to mlb.tv, but does the browser version is also limited to 2.4mb feed? Neither Kodi nor browser version looks as nice as played on my Sony TV (with their embedded app).

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austauschen ist immer gut.

Läuft es bei dir stabil?

Die Bildqualität ist aufjedenfall über kodi um längen besser als übers Apple TV, betrifft auch NBA und NHL gamecenter.
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(2015-08-19 22:52)WHamilton Wrote:  I'am from Germay. My written english ist not the best. I am sry for this.

I have an appleTV and kodi and all four Streaming passes. (NHL,MLB,NBA and NFL). Apple TV is my Backup System. I must say, the bild quality on kodi is better than on apple TV, but appleTV can modify the quality on the fly, and so you have no or a little bufffering.

MLB-HLS works fine. But only Live Games. Condensed are only 540p. Form the stabiility (right?) MLB-HLS ist one of the best. Because you can use the internal kodi Cache. I ve set it on 100 MB and Size 15. In Live Games the cache is 20MB-30MB, which is a half minute puffer. But with apple TV i can go foward and skip the MLB Comercial brake Picture. With mlb-hls i can't go forward to skip something, altough the cache is full with 100MB.

In Germany you cant watch every Games live, because we are 6-9 hours in front of the United States. I watch my favorite teams relive and all other game condensed, but all other 3 Apps for kodi, have only live Streaming for this only a litte bit in the small programm cache not the big kodi cache, so sometimes its buffering.

Baseball Day games

I hope there aren't so many errors in my text.

Your English is fine better than my German ever was! I lived in Gelnhuasen, West Berlin, Helmstedt, and Bamberg a total of 10 years while in the Army!

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