Looking to Build Your Very First unRAID Server?

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Tatts4Life Offline
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I guess my only other question is about the parity drive. Can it be equal in size to my 6TB drive or should I go for an 8TB drive? Or have the 6TB drive be the parity and buy a 4TB. I'm pretty sure all my data I have now will be close to 6TB if I were to add it all up.
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If it was me, I'd buy a 6TB drive for the data drive. Unless you are planning on adding 8TB drives in the future, getting a 8TB drive for parity or data would be a waste.

My setup with what you have would be 6TB parity 6TB data drive + 1TB data drive = 7TB total storage. Then you can buy additional drives up to 6TB in size for your data drives when adding storage to the array.

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Wow.. Just one page of Unraid and I learnt so much Smile I am gonna try all this out.

(2014-02-22 00:42)jackal_70 Wrote:  What software is being run on most on their unRAID servers?

I'm building a unRAID rackmount server. Getting hung up on the installation of tvheadend and not getting many suggestions on the unRAID or tvheadend forums. So, i'm wondering if tvheadend is the best software to get live tv on the server to pass along to the front ends.

I was going to use unRAID + tvheadend + plexserver on the server. I was going to use XBMC on the front ends.

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, expecially since I'm really new to grasping the "total methodology".


(2014-02-22 00:55)elusien Wrote:  Have a look at this tutorial that seems to be exactly what you are looking for.


(2014-03-26 22:24)Harro Wrote:  I don't use torrents or transmission but have you tried sickbeard for your torrent search and then have SABnzbd do the unrar and moving?

(2014-10-01 10:39)0ldfart Wrote:  Anyone using sickbeard TPB or sickrage on Unraid6?

Whats the best way to set it up:? I have seen info on 5 but am wary about this on a 6 installation

(2014-10-02 06:05)aptalca Wrote:  I run sickb and sab in an ubuntu vm with xen on unraid 6. But many people these days are using them in docker containers

(2015-06-11 00:05)Mick1152 Wrote:  I haven't checked prices but when helped a friend setup an unRAID server a couple months ago we went with 4TB drives since they seemed to be the best combination of size and affordability at the time.

Whatever you do, sounds like you could get away with 1 drive for now. For example, if you bought a 6TB drive, set it up as the data drive, copy your 4TB of data to the data drive from your existing 6TB drive. Then install your 6TB drive and set it as parity. Then you can copy the data from the 1TB drive to the server and then install the 1TB drive as an additional data drive on your array. That would give you 7TB of parity protected space on the array plus the ability to add additional drives up to 6TB in size to the array.
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Harro Offline
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(2015-06-11 17:15)Tatts4Life Wrote:  I guess my only other question is about the parity drive. Can it be equal in size to my 6TB drive or should I go for an 8TB drive? Or have the 6TB drive be the parity and buy a 4TB. I'm pretty sure all my data I have now will be close to 6TB if I were to add it all up.

Parity drive needs to be the largest drive or equal to the largest drive you intend on using for data drives. So if you use the 6TB drive for parity, all data drives can be made up of 6TB drives or smaller. If using a 8TB parity drive then all data drives can be made up of 8TB drives or smaller.

Not sure how many drives you are planning on using, but I would use the 6TB drive for you parity and if you have enough spare drives laying around use those all for data. Once they start to fill up replace with larger drives up to 6TB. One word of advise: You will be surprised once you have your server up and running how much stuff you will hold on to, just for the fact that it is so easy to access from any computer, phone or tablet.

My Unraid server is in my sig and is still running strong without any problems 24/7. I am now at the point where I will be swapping out drives for larger ones. Parity drive will be the first drive swapped out and then start swapping out data drives. I am at 32TB now and planning to start putting in all 4TB drives, which should double my server capacity.
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00b5 Offline
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unRAID 6.0 final is out. They have been really working on adding features/etc and making it look much nicer, and do a lot more.

I have a bunch of 2TB drives (7TB of storage space), and run a slew of apps on it via dockers (sickrage, couchpotato, mysql, plex, btsync, headless xbmc(still haven't moved to kodi, just lazy)).

Next step is to replace my 2TB drives with some 4TB drives, and expand my storage.

They also have KVM compiled into the kernel, so you can run VMs on this setup as well. They even have a VM manager in the GUI to make it easy. Check them out, and they have a handful of unRAID 6 videos on youtube, including some running VM's (win8) on a cheap celeron dual core server.
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