aeon nox tvshow

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Question  aeon nox tvshow
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Hi. i've problem in aeon nox. i install new xbmc in windows 7 and download last version from (07/07/2011) (BigNoid-Aeon-Nox-854bba9)
1. Aeon-Nox can't add source and set content (i use aeon 65 for set it)
2. i open tvshow on home menu . it's show movie, can't show tvshow
help me please.
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I got the same problem with the github version. Download the 1.3.0 version from the Aeon Nox thread. Everything should work fine then

[Image: all-thin-banner.jpg]
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If there is no library content, the videos entry gives a weird screen where you can't do anything (which you can bypass by going to the root entry of the videos submenu). I will fix that.
I can't reproduce the tv show problem.

Aeon Nox
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thank you.
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