TV and Movie Logos

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Salivan Offline
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I was wondering if there is a skin that allows you to view movies like you do TV shows with fan art and a logo. An example is the Night skin.

Thanks in advance.

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super_sobbie Offline
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What would be a movie logo? I guess I am not sure what you would be looking for.

If there was a location to get a movie logo for all of my movies it may be interesting to see but I dont think there is a place to get movie logos.

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Salivan Offline
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Yeah, this is what Im coming to find out. But thanks for the reply.

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isamu.dragon Offline
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Well, it was said when requested of the logo downloader, as well as, that while TV Logos are Usually in an almost Uniform height and width, Movie Logos very in size and shape too dramatically
[Image: Avatar%20Movie%20logo.jpg]
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
[Image: SOUE_Title.jpg]

The Above are two that I could find that had the same width, but notice the difference in height

[Image: all-thin-banner@2x.jpg]
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