[RELEASE] - Rating Update v1.4.3

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Hey can you implement rotten tomatoes update and metacritic ?

(2015-11-15 17:22)movie78 Wrote:  Can you please change signature.

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Sorry if this has been asked, I tried looking through the whole thread.

Does this addon work with the Nvidia Shield TV set top box?
1. I installed version 1.4.3 from the google drive zip onto the Shield
2. Installed VisualStudio C++ 2012 on my PC
3. unzipped VC11 x86 Non Thread Safe into a folder on my PC.

I then set the path in the addon configuration to the folder on my PC but when I try to run the addon I get the php-cgi missing error. Is this because the addon is installed on the Shield but the PHP folder is on my PC (which is networked to the Shield btw)?

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I have a problem. It searches for specific tv-shows forever. Others have worked fine.
Food Wars! The Second Plate
Haikyuu!! Second Season
Should be noted other shows with ! have worked fine.

14:36:27 T:4996 DEBUG: [Rating Update] - PHP Command: C:\Program Files (x86)\PHP\php-cgi.exe -q E:\snyft\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.ratingupdate\resources\lib\php\searc​hByTitle.php -d Title="Food Wars! The Second Plate"
14:36:27 T:4996 DEBUG: [Rating Update] - XML Response:
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