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demosthien Offline
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I have a feature request for you Marius!

Would it be possible to have a filter function in addition to the search option so that I can view only those movies/tv shows that suit certain criteria within the metadata?

Example: I want to be able to see only those movies that have a genre set including "Family" or I only want to see movies from a particular studio.

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MariusTh86 Offline
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@azkajukenbo: The crashes may be due to inability to read data from a networked drive fast enough, i don't know how to solve this issue yet.

Maybe the error is with OSMC? check to see if the image file names are still following the same pattern those from the items that do work, see if there's a noticable difference in the .nfo files, such as a difference in the filepath to images, possibly try to reset OSMC and see if the problem still occurs, and if it affects every item or still only the 'new' items.

I've been working on the idea of a filter for an upcoming version, unfortunately i've temporarily halted development, but you can see how it would work in the pre-build, very unfinished demo:

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Ruk12345 Offline
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Question, is there a way to not have it add "season-all-fanart" by default? The "season-all" art overrides the specific season fan art/posters.
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