[BUG] Music visualization not re-sized with video calibration

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rausch101 Offline
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Just what the title says.

XBMC menus and videos take up only what I've re-sized the video to (under Settings->System->Video output), but the visualizations still take up the entire available screen.

Not sure if this is skin specific or OS specific, but this is with:

windows vista x86

Can anyone else reproduce this?

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The_Dogg Offline
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I don't know if I get the same thing exactly but here is what I noticed:

My video calibration is set correctly, once the visualization starts (while playing music) it is slightly offset (I would say around 1/2 inch the the left and bottom) after I go back to the GUI everything is offset by 1/2 inch, I have to restart xbmc and it's back to normal (until I start music viz again)

anyone else having this issue?

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gr8dane99 Offline
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This problem still seem to exist in the pre-eden builds (Linux), when you do the video calibration and then have the visualization kick in ( I use ProjectM ), the visualization looks fine but when you exit the visualization the GUI is offset from the top and the right and does not seem fixable until you reboot.
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Prof Yaffle Online
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There's an open trac ticket for this already - see here. As I just posted there, you don't have to reboot - moving from windowed to fullscreen and back fixes it - and there may be a simpler way of repairing the damage (backslash key/permanent windowed mode), I just haven't tested it.

What I notice is that I'm running on ION, plus at least one of the posters here is as well. How about the others? Is this is a general problem, or an NVidia-specific one?

What's interesting is that it appears on Linux and Windows, it seems, so that suggests it's the code and not the hardware or drivers...

After that, we need some guidance from someone as to where to look next.


Okay, just did some quick testing... it seems to be related to calibration of overscan.

I was getting the issue in fullscreen (which I'd calibrated) but not windowed (which I hadn't). However, I can move the problem to windowed mode by simply calibrating that as well, and I can remove it (albeit with a large chunk of my screen image...!) by resetting fullscreen to (0,0,0,0).

Toggling between fullscreen and windowed (even if you say N to "would you like to keep this resolution?") remains enough to fix it, but backslash doesn't seem to (although that may be my configuration since I'm starting in fullscreen and thus may not be able to toggle back). Running in calibrated window mode permanently doesn't seem to wash since the calibration settings aren't persistent (again, maybe something I'm doing wrong, don't quote me on that).
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Prof Yaffle Online
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For what it's worth - and this may be relevant....

I decided to take a screenshot to show the shifted GUI. Interestingly, I got the snapshot of XBMC in all its shifted glory - but I didn't get any of the remnants of the ProjectM visualisation that sits above and to the right. Instead, the screenshot seems to have black bars above and to the left :confused2:

[Image: screenshot000vf.png]

You can also see the "ghost" of another label crashing in on the left, just next to the "..HOWS" of "TV SHOWS".
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JDizzy Offline
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Yes, very annoying to say the least.

I also am running on ION (Zotac) and am using the 'OpenELEC-ION.i386-devel-20111219201749-r9301' image although this has been going on from day 1 when I purchased the Zotac and was running their stable v1.0.2 image.

For the moment, I have just turned off the ProjectM vis (although we do really enjoy it) because others that use the machine do not know (nor will I tell them) how to reset the screen.

Would be nice to figure out why it is doing this.
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VonMagnum Offline
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I still get the problem in Eden Beta3 on a Gen1 AppleTV.
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jazd Offline
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I get the same issue on XBMC Eden Beta 2 PVR build. Running on Ubuntu 10.04 on an Ion.
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Prof Yaffle Online
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Check Trac - I received an email notification earlier today that this had been fixed (thanks, jmarshall!)
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jmarshall Offline
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np Smile

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