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Morbeas Offline
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Out of nowhere, I now have a Mute icon at the top right corner of my screen. Audio is just fine when watching movies but I don't hear the sound effects when I navigate through the various screens.

I'm running the latest Dharma.

Thanks in advance.
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paavoris Offline
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Press "+" or or "-" from your keyboard to adjust audio volume or "F8" to toggle muting. You can (if I remember correctly) use "F9" and "F10" keys too to adjust volume. I'm in the train now so I can't check. Big Grin

The reason why you are able to hear audio when watching movies is that you are probably using audio pass-through. XBMC won't touch pass-through audio streams and volume controls don't affect pass-through audio.

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Morbeas Offline
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Thank you so much, that did it! Smile
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phi303 Offline
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I'm having a similar issue. big honk'n white "mute" sign on the upper part of my screen - when i try using volume up or down it says "Passthrough Audio in Use"

I cannot disable passthrough audio or my sound won't work correctly.

Any ideas as to what the heck is going on here?

edit: nevermind, i just needed to be at the "home screen" and then turn the volume up.
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Kib Offline
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or just press the mute button on your remote Smile

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