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Thumbs Up  New Forum Proposal - HTPC Hardware and Accessories Deals
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I propose that there be a new "HTPC Hardware and Accessories Deals" Forum under the Off-Topic Sub-Forum. It'll be a place where users can go to find the latest online or big-box store deals for any hardware that can be used for an HTPC (remotes, CPUs, mini PCs, memory, cases, SSDs, LCDs/HDTVs, receivers, speakers etc). This can probably be something that users can post in the Hardware for HTPC Discussion Forum, but that's usually a place where opinions of hardware and configurations are discussed. It would be nice to have a forum specifically for deals that users come across and would like to share with the XBMC community.

A: RPi2 OS: OSMC SKIN: Rapier with CinemaVision REMOTE: Kore

B: Zotac ND22 4GB 40GB SSD OS: OpenELEC 6.x SKIN: Rapier with CinemaVision REMOTE: Kore
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