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corpgator Offline
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What happened to the ability to set the minimum size downloaded in Helix? It was there in Gotham.
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MoloMuy Offline
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Hi I have a problem

I have configured the addon Artwork Downloader to download me in Spanish

The problem is that most are only in English Discart

and no download me Discart

is there any way i download all in Spanish and in English Discart ?

I disabled everything except Discart and configure in Ingl├ęs and so if I download the Discart the problem is that downloads and Extrathums Extrafanart me in the same folder of the movie

thank you very much

a greeting

sorry for my english
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nightchild79 Offline
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i dont no why ADW and TVtunes have no write Access. i have my Server and xbmc Client full reinstalled.
on Server is now Windows 8.1 with onboard share and hanwin share but now on all Shares have the addons no write acces only scrapper can write. WHYConfused
i have all user full Access in share and file secruity Settings and i create user Name from all Clients in my home.
>Firewall is on all Clients and Server off.
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Vegeto_10 Offline
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is anybody else having this issue.

Artwork downloader not downloading everything i have massive movies library.
Have to run again and again to download missing artwork especially diskart. After 6-7 run diskart start to popup.
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