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Ruk12345 Offline
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Rather newb question here.
I have used XBMC now Kodi for years honestly never ran or was aware of what Artwork downloader did.

As I pre scrape prior to kodi my files have most if not all art available for them. Just today I cam to the realization that the clear art and logos never appeared in Kodi despite me having that art with the local media files. That's what lead me here ლ(╹◡╹)ლ

(Libreelec Kodi 17 on intel NUC all media remotely shared via LAN with Aeon MQ7 skin)
My Kodi DB is set up on MySQL
I manually scrape all my TV with TMM prior Kodi libary update.

I have come to realize that certain art will only be used in my skin (AeonMQ7) after I manually run the artwork d/l command.

My questions:
1. Despite haveing all art already scrapped Kodi/My skin won't use some art such as clear logo UNLESS I run artwork downloader correct ?

2. As The basic art posters/fanart/season posters etc. is already set to my liking and I have the other art scraped already locally , I SHOULD enable the "use local art" option on art downloader correct? Also only check the art that's missing like clear/logo/charter art and leave the art I am happy with unchecked correct?

3. Using Local files only option ART D/L will only add the art I have scraped and stored correct?

4. Lastly I have a second firetv box in bedroom (using same SQL DB) after I run ART D/L on my main Intel NUC box it is exclusive to that install of kodi correct? It won't be added on second box due to shared library?

Thanks for bearing with me on this and I thank you for reading and thanks in advance for the help.

Intel NUC Haswell I3
Kodi - Krypton
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Milhouse Offline
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(2017-01-10 11:24)raspdealer Wrote:  It means the VideoCore cannot accelerate the decode of the JPEG, so it must go to the ARM.
It means that loading the images will be slower, can you please encode the picture during the downloading process to avoid that?


You'll only take the slower ARM software decode path once per new uncached artwork. After the software decoded artwork is stored in your thumbnail cache as a non-progressive image it will be decoded in future by the GPU (hardware decode) so you should no longer see this message for cached artwork. If you do, your thumbnail cache is screwed up (maybe due to sharing via pathsub).

Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
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djhifi Offline
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I am on Nvidia Shield and I cannot install this addon don't know why. It says "failed to install dependency" everytime it reaches the install part of this addon. I've tried installing this via skin, or solo install. Nothing Works. Dafuq?

(2015-11-15 17:22)movie78 Wrote:  Can you please change signature.

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naDah Offline
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So did AD stop working in Krypton? I can't download any fanart.
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iMak Offline
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Does the Addon has issue with Kodi 18 nightly?
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Wanilton Offline
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@iMak, use here in Kodi 18, all working ok...

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