Need help with zotac HD11 set up please!!!

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Little late to this thread, but I would check out the openELEC for the Zotac ZBOX HD-ID11. I have this same zbox and had been running XBMClive on it for over a year now.

I switch to OpenELEC last night. Using the OpenELEC ION x86_64 build for it and a SSD hard drive. Very easy install. Small change to get HDMI change working, including menu sounds.

And it is fast. Not just talking the start up time. I'm talking faster menus and almost instant start time for my VIDEO_TS movies on my Network storage.

It can be found at
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My HD-ID11 has just packed up with Openelec, there appears to be a problem with network shares... it wont play files from my server via SMB... I was having a look over here to see if anyone has a fully working ID11 with XBMCLive without having to pop the bonnet? Confused as my Linux skills are marginal.

I've done the auto update and rebooted countless times and also wiped it and re-installed.. still no shares. looks like others have had the same issue with the ID11 on the openelec forums. Windows and Xbox installs of XBMC are fine running off the same LAN/Server.
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Hi guys, my two cents about this fantastic Zbox ID-11, since I am already building my third XBMC box with that.

My first one was made to be used in my bedroom, is running on Win 7 Ultimate 64 bits, with a 2Gb RAM stick and a Crucial 64gb SSD connect to LG LCD 42".
I stream everything from my main computer in the living room where a total of 6TB are stored, through a gigabit ethernet although i have used 100mb ethernet also with no issues.

I must say, it's the most wonderful box I could built: I can play anything with no issues, no jerky movements, no sinc issues, and i am talking about 1080s including a 37Gb version of 'Saving Private Ryan' and even bluray ISOs (tried Phantom Menace ISO and was amazing) and all the rest.

Them I've built a second one running Win7 Pro 64 bits, with again a Samsung 2GB RAM stick but with a old Hitachi Travelstar 2.5" HDD 60Gb bought on eBay for £9,00! This box is streaming from a external 1Tb Seagate HD connect on the USB2.0 slot, and again it plays everything!

Right now I am building my third one as a Xmas present to my grandson with Win7 Home Premium, 2GB RAM and another old Hitachi Travelstar HDD.

The bombshell: all these boxes are running XBMC Pre-Eden with AEON MQ3! I have also updated the Bios to the latest version found at the USA Zotac website. All the boxes are also been controlled with Logitech Harmony RCs (i300 and 650) + HP USB IR receivers, and Logitech WIFI keyboards.

I hope I've helped somebody else to decide the way to go with this box.
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