[RELEASE] Radio Add-on (rad.io, radio.de, radio.fr) Music Plugin

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RemixDeluxe Offline
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I'm using this app for the first time and I cant get any of my 3 favorite local stations to play at all. Theres not much to change in the settings that could influence what is wrong.

This seems like an amazing app and I'd like to use it daily if possible, any advice to help me get it running properly is appreciated.
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FatherH Offline
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Post: #362
A major problem using the RADIO addon with Kodi 17
- - when scrolling through the station lists, using a mouse, the scroll speed can't be controlled. It "jumps", sometime literally, through the list 'faster than a speeding bullet'. I've taken as long as a full minute to get it to stop long enough, where I want it to stop, so I can click on the station I'm trying to listen to and/or save as a favourite.

This scolling problem only occurs with this specific addon (the only addon I use for listening to the radio), and not other addons.
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micro777 Offline
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Custom stations are not working for me. I went to My Stations -> Add custom Station.... I tried to add 2 custom stations that are run by the Australian Government, ABC NewsRadio and JJJ, whose streams are:


They seem to add fine but when I try to play them they are skipped and the next 'MyStation' that is actually working starts streaming.

I can listen to both of the above streams using either VLC or directly via Kodi using the .strm method (Internet_video_and_audio_streams (wiki)) so the streams themselves are functioning fine.

When I look at the Kodi log, the only relevant lines I see there are:

NOTICE: [xbmcswift2] Request for "/station/JJJ" matches rule for function "get_stream_url"
NOTICE: [plugin.audio.radio_de] get_stream_url result: http://www.abc.net.au/res/streaming/audi...riplej.pls
ERROR: Playlist Player: skipping unplayable item: 4, path [plugin://plugin.audio.radio_de/station/JJJ

I should mention that many stations added via the Add-on's browse function (e.g. 'Local Stations') work just fine.

This is very low priority as I have a workaround using the .strm method referenced above. I have added these files to my favourites and they work brilliantly. Just letting the dev and users know that this is an issue and that there is a good workaround.
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svortevik Offline
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Post: #364
Is there any way to get artist picture and artist info using this addon?
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linkinsoldier Offline
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(2017-05-01 10:42)svortevik Wrote:  Is there any way to get artist picture and artist info using this addon?

I second this Smile

Thank you for the addon! Besides the issue with manually adding channels it works like a charm for me. I have 3 "cosmetical" questions:

1) It does not show any album art of the currently played content, although it is shown on radio.de -> is there a possibility to improve this?
2) When I listen for a long time, my screen goes "blue" (Backgroundcolor of the new kodi17 screen. However i would like to show the current title and if possible fanart (question 1).
3) It would be great if the radio stations could be viewed in the "radio" category. Currently I am using it in my favorites, but showing it in the category Radio would be great and would raise the wife acceptance factor Smile

Would any of those be possible?

I am using Libreelec 8.0.1 on a rpi3.


BTW: is there any way to download the plugin for backup? Edit: found it:
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