[RELEASE] Radio Add-on (rad.io, radio.de, radio.fr) Music Plugin

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Feature Request

First of all Thanks for this gr8! Addon.

I would have a "liddle" feature Request:

Would be gr8 if it would be Possible to be abel to login to the personal Radio.de account. To sync "my Stations" with several XBMC/Kodi and other Devices.

I have a Account on Radio.de to manage "my Stations" This works fine on my Smartphone. As soon as i'm logged in, i have my Favoret Channels/Stations on my Finertip.
In Kodi i have to set them manualy and multiple times for different Installations (which is a bit tedious). Also if i do a Fresh Install i have to do the Work again.Sad

So would be gr8 if you could alow to log in.

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