[dev] CetonTV+HDHomeRun - Watch TV on XBMC (WIN/OSX)

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(2015-02-21 06:40)mcheng89 Wrote:  
(2015-02-19 21:47)bartenderck Wrote:  I think there was a huge following, I know I'm still an avid user, but some people may have dropped out because it hasn't been developed and updated in awhile. I'm also using ServerWMC to access Recorded TV but I think TV Server is still way better for Live TV. Channel changing is quicker and I love the ability to run a Direct Stream or to change the bit rate within XBMC. Also the way TV Server works allows me to stream my TV to an outside WAN to my iPhone and iPad. Simply amazing. My coding sucks, I took Java in college but I'm will to test any new updates.

Yea it looks like interest in this died down a lot. Though thats probably due to lack of updates. Did you have any requests for the app?

I might start my golang rewrite this weekend.

The mobile ui needs a update. It doesnt really fit in with the ios 8 style.

Would there be any way to make the EPG Guide in XBMC/Kodi pull in channel logos and the multicolored guide from Windows Media Center? I use My Channel Logos for the icons. http://www.mychannellogos.com/

Also is there any way to pull up the guide in XBMC/Kodi on a tablet or mobile phone without hitting enter? Maybe a 2 or 3 finger press?

Any chance to bring in Recorded TV for streaming?

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Welcome Back mcheng! I still run your software daily to stream to our mobile devices and share m38u links with friends for big events. I tried ServerWMC but it's way too slow across the WAN. I would be happy to help test any further revisions!
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@mcheng89 any plans to put the current C++ code on Github?
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