Release - CetonTV+HDHomeRun - Watch TV on XBMC (WIN/OSX)

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chilman408 Offline
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I am using this with hdhr prime without any issue. Solid as a rock, would love to see continuing development on this.
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Guide data no longer works for me, anybody else?
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PowerLion1 Offline
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Wow, I was searching for something and I saw that mcheng89 was back! Is he still here?
I've been living in Japan since the end of March this year and have not had any issues with the tv::server app at all. It's been streaming to my HTPC great!

What I would like to see is a plugin for tv::server for kodi that would allow for timeshifting and recording changing, integrating it with MCE. I know that simpleIPTV can get the XML file for the EPG and stream the channels fine, but that plugin lacks the support for recording and time shifting.

Also, what about integrating ffmpeg and the streaming into the program so that VLC wouldn't be needed?
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jdpman Offline
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I've come back to using this after trying other options. It still works the best and is the simplest to set up and operate. Thanks again mcheng89, I hope you're still considering continuing development of this as its been a couple months of silence at this point.

Just gonna throw out a few hopefully helpful bits of info for anyone else that is setting this up at the present time (mid 2015) as there are some issues you might come across.

First, in late July 2015 Microsoft made changes to the programming guide which breaks mc2xml. From

Quote:Microsoft has switched their EPG provider for their North American listings from Zap2It to Rovi and have not updated their legacy service (listings run out on 2015/07/26). It is not known if this is temporary or not. The service continues to update listings for other countries.

So the "legacy microsoft" listings in mc2xml don't have current guide data. You have a few options. Donation version of mc2xml, schedules direct, titantv, zap2xml, maybe others? For both mc2xml donation version and schedules direct you will have to pay a bit. The titantv option I'm not sure about. What I used as a free option was zap2xml which can be found at Setup instructions can be found on their page but you basically sign up for a free account on then set your preferences there. Then using the zap2xml tool you specify your user/pass on and it will basically do the same thing as mc2xml. Then just edit tvserver's EPGUpdater.bat from mc2xml.exe to "zap2xml.exe -u user -p pass" and your guide will start working again.

One other issue I noticed while setting everything up is that the current version of kodi on windows seems to have some issue when using the script.tvserver addon. It immediately stops the video after tuning into a channel. I'm not sure why but to fix it I just went back to an older version when it was still called xbmc. Specifically I used xbmc version 12.0 which can be found here Some other versions might work but that one worked for me.
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