[RELEASE] TV Guide - with XMLTV and streaming support

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superhype Offline
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(2015-01-28 13:05)RayW1986 Wrote:  
(2015-01-28 06:44)superhype Wrote:  Can some please help me with how to link "channel logos" and what should they be named. I tried it, but nothing is showing up.

Thanks very much in advance.

They must be named exactly the same as your channel, and be in a PNG format. So if you have a channel called XVE then your logo must be saved as XVE.png (it is case sensitive, also).

Thank you. I will give this a try....

It works Great! Thanks. I actually needed to include the channel number as well.
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oscillators Offline
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I'm a little confused. Am I doing something wrong or is this add-on not yet able to play all of the channels in the Danish TV add-on? It fetches the listings for all of the channels that are available in the Danish TV add-on but TV Guide only allows a small selection of them to be chosen as the .strm source. Also Danish TV is the only add on it allows me to choose as source, but some people seem to have been able to get it working with iPlayer and USATVNOW.

Kodi on a Raspberry Pi 2.
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ChipsAhoy Offline
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Thanks much for this excellent addon. It's working very well for me here in the USA with an HDHomerun. But of course, I want more. =)

Is there a way to have certain channels launch an Android app instead of playing a stream? What I'm hoping to accomplish is to incorporate the Sling TV app.

Here's what I have in mind. I've created a hybrid xmltv file that has both the OTA channels and the Sling Channels in a single guide. This accurately displays the correct info for both my local OTA and the SlingTV channels. I can play the local streams via the HDHomerun device by clicking on the appropriate listing, as expected.

I don't think it's likely to be able to launch a specific channel on Sling, but I hope it's possible to assign those channels to launch the SlingTV app. This would bring me one step closer to complete integration and replacement of cable (and acceptance of the new system by my wife!)

I'm willing and able to manually edit the userdata/addon_data/source.db file, which I believe is where the TV Guide add-on determines what to do when a program listing is clicked.

Any chance this can be done?

I discovered today, that I can map the Guide key on my Harmony Smart Control to launch TV Guide add-on, and another key to launch the Sling TV app. While not quite as good as launching the exact Sling TV stream from the listing in the EPG, it's a big step closer.

It still would be better to be able to click on any of the Sling channels to launch the app, as this would be a lot more consistent.
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GriffeyJuni0r Offline
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Does anybody know how to save the TV Guide EPG position so that launching the addon takes you to the last view in the EPG?

I use links to external addons (ESPN3, ect) in the TV Guide so that I can click on the ESPN3 channel and it takes me directly to the plugin, but when I press BACK the TV Guide EPG automatically goes back to the top. It flashes the last view briefly before going to the top on the EPG, so I know that it's possible..Just can't figure out how.

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d00fy Offline
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Is there any intention to allow FTV Guide to have FTV and xmltv support at the same time? I just found FTV Guide after using TV guide\built in EPG\pseudolive, and paying for various EPG services.

This program is absolutely great, I just wish I could add my own channels and XMLTV alongside the FTV epg.

Sorry if this sounds greedy, this addon is essential for live tv. Thank you SO MUCH!
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doglover Offline
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Pls. stop trying to download XMLTV files from the Rytec servers every 15 seconds.
The files are only updated once a day. It is of no use use trying to update every minute. It only overloads the servers.

Thanks in advance.

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jarod71 Offline
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is there anyway to keep the channel name as well as the logo? I would love to have both.
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tlepird Offline
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How do I get a file for US TV channels?
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bry- Online
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@tlepird - not here. forum rules (wiki)
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