Artist slideshow problem

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I've been using T! since it first was released, and it's still amazing.

I've ran into a little problem with extrafanarts.
When browsing music, the specific artists multiple fanart pictures rotates as I want.
owever, when playing music at the main menu, only the main fanart for that artist shows.

I've tried to find a solution in the forum, but to no help. One thread suggested a menu I cant find, where one could choose between "slideshow -" or "slideshow - fanart". The last one is obviously what I want.

My file structure is:
\Music\<Artist name>\extrafanart
\Music\<Artist name>\<Album name>

XBMC: Eden Beta 2
T!: 4.0.4

Rotating fanarts of current artist at main menu is the only thing I miss for my setup to look perfect Smile
Any help is appreciated

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you can reach this setting using the button (see screenshot) on the music osd.

[Image: lastfm.jpg]

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That's exactly what I was looking for Smile

Thank you, this looks just amazing
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