[RELEASE] Advanced Wake On Lan (WOL) Addon - Wake up a remote computer/server

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Just a thought about update (i think it is very easy to be done, i am a linux noob though).

Because there are times that we DO NOT WANT to use this add-on on xbmc/kodi start up (e.g when you only want to launch youtube videos, listening to music etc) - and NOT TO WAKE UP YOUR SERVER - is it possible to have an "option" to ENABLE this add-on on kodi start up?

E.g A pop up message box (optional) which will say "Do y want to enable WOL?" with a yes and no option..

To go a step beyond it could have a 10 second countdown and by reaching zero YES would be auto enabled..

Of course you can control it through hdmi cec..

Just a thought guys..
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