New version Google weather v2

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a new version of Google Weather is out with improvements such as:

Quote:2.0.0 (by frost)
- added: a lot of new properties. see README.txt
- added: Moon and Earth Phases images (auto refresh every 1 hour). see properties in README.txt
- changed: property "Current.Locale.Sunrise" for "Current.Sunrise"
- changed: property "Current.Locale.Sunset" for "Current.Sunset"
- removed: extra settings
- removed: dharma/xbox compatibility
- cleanup...

is it possible to add it to AEON NOX, Thanks.

Current.Earth.Phase.LargeImage (auto refresh every 1 hour)
[Image: 1328558548-screenshot000.png]

Current.Earth.Phase.Image and Current.Moon.Phase.Image (auto refresh every 1 hour)
[Image: 1328558647-screenshot003.png]

[Image: 1328558675-screenshot004.png]

[Image: 1328558709-screenshot005.png]


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That will go on my to-do list Smile
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