[RELEASE] Sickbeard XBMC - Control Sickbeard from XBMC

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duke748 Offline
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(2014-05-10 11:31)hugepants Wrote:  For Gotham just edit this line in addon.xml:

<import addon="xbmc.python" version="2.0"/>


<import addon="xbmc.python" version="2.1.0"/>

For new installs, edit then install as zip from source.

Hi - I downloaded the trunkand edited the addon.xml to point to the newer python version..

zipped it up - but when i try to install from zip in addons it syas the addon doesnt have the correct structure... Any help would be appreciated

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hugepants Offline
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plugin.program.sickbeard.zip should contain one folder in its root named plugin.program.sickbeard with the following structure.

│   addon.xml
│   default.py
│   fanart.jpg
│   icon.png

    │   settings.xml
    │   __init__.py
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Frozin Offline
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Post: #108
I can't seem to download this, is it no longer available?

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deluxbmc Offline
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I'm running latest build 13.1 of XBMC,
The add-on version from current repository is 1.09.
Sickbeard is build 505.

XBMC says:
"Add-on is incompatible or has been marked broken in repository."
"Dependencies not met. Please contact Add-on author."

Please update add-on to work with Gotham, because it's awesome.
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Maniaczm Offline
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Post: #110
I have gone ahead and updated the add-on to work with Gotham. I ran some quick tests with the change and it looks to be working fine. Hope this gets this plugin back in working order for you all. And thanks for the kind words Smile

Version 1.0.10:
- Updated xbmc.python in addon(s).xml from 2.0 to 2.1.0 for Gotham support.
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Frozin Offline
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Post: #111
Thanks Maniaczm Smile

Any chance of making it possible to be able to make Add Tvshow a Favorite so it can be put as a submenu on home screen?

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Frozin Offline
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Post: #112
I'm using audo which is the openelec version of sickbeard, and they use sickrage a fork of sickbeard. I get an error when trying to add show after I type in the show to search.

Here is a snippit of the log

Error Type: <type 'exceptions.KeyError'>
Error Contents: ('results',)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/storage/.xbmc/addons/plugin.program.sickbeard/resources/lib/addshow.py", line 112, in <module>
File "/storage/.xbmc/addons/plugin.program.sickbeard/resources/lib/addshow.py", line 20, in AddShow
search_results = Sickbeard.SearchShowName(text)
File "/storage/.xbmc/addons/plugin.program.sickbeard/resources/lib/sickbeard.py", line 86, in SearchShowName
for each in result['data']['results']:
KeyError: ('results',)

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xbmosx Offline
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Post: #113
If there's any development still going on for this I have two feature requests:

a) metadata (like with the couchpotato) add-on - probably this must be a video add-on then instead of a program add-on? (although in the first post I can see cover images beside the shows - maybe I just have a wrong setup somehow?)
b) mark episodes/shows/season watched/unwatched
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sunkai Offline
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Post: #114
Hi all,

Has anyone got this Add On running in XBMC Gotham on a Raspberry Pi? I have Raspbmc installed.

On my RPi all of the context menu actions (Add Show, Set Episode Status, etc.) do not execute anything.

I've checked ~/.xbmc/temp/xbmc.log, but could not see an error. Is there another Add On specific log that I should be checking?

UPDATE: I was running an old fork of Sick Beard. The stock repository works fine with the XBMC Add On.
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fastcolors Offline
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Post: #115
i was wondering if this bit could be added to addshow.py

the use case would be to add the show from a list in Kodi ,automatically populated with trending TVshows from various sources..

that way by running


the lookup for the show start without having to type the name of the show..

here's the bit:

import sys

count = len(sys.argv) - 1

# Initialize Sickbeard Class
Sickbeard = sickbeard.SB()

def showSearchDialog():
  # Get search text from user
  if count > 0:
    text = sys.argv[1]
    return text
    keyboard = xbmc.Keyboard('', 'Find a show on the TVDB', False)
    if (keyboard.isConfirmed()):
      text = keyboard.getText()
    return text

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