[RELEASE] TVCatchup.com 2.0 with EPG

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Billy Offline
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He does:

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mredrup Offline
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Good to know
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Oddsodz Offline
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Gerbil hunting, Is that a thing now? lol
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PaKman171175 Offline
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I think we need to be patient. DJ_Gerbil did say he had other, higher priority projects so no doubt he'll post an update as and when he has one.

You could always use PVR IPTV Simple Client Addon in the mean time. There are plenty of videos out there on how to set this up along with some m3u playlists that you can use. If there are too many channels, edit the m3u file and remove all but the UK only channels to match what is/would be on TVCatchup.
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gcarter Offline
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Meh... bored of waiting for this guy! Anyone else know of someone putting together a replacement tvcatchup plugin?
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dj_gerbil Offline
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PaKman171175 is right, I do have other commitments, ones that pay and therefore take priority. Any chance of fixing the plugin is also being slowed by this from TVC's Twitter feed:

@mariesamsam No ETA at this time sorry, we need to get the core service back to scratch before XBMC & other such 3rd party apps can resume
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bestapps Offline
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Dear dj_gerbil - I think I speak for many - don't sweat it at all - you have zero obligation to do this, no amount of badgering by some should make you feel even the slightest bit like you should do this, so as a message to others, respect the gerbil, it's his time and nobody pays him to do this.
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Piers Offline
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(2015-02-04 20:02)gcarter Wrote:  Meh... bored of waiting for this guy! Anyone else know of someone putting together a replacement tvcatchup plugin?
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Why don't you do it yourself? You'll need at least: a large investment (~$50k+), multiple servers with reliable bandwidth and a legal team. That's just to set up a similar service. Once you've done that I'm sure this add-on could be adapted.

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