Weather Category Screen

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trdmlc Offline
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I'm exploring this skin [4.2.0] for the first time, and am really impressed. However I can't seem to get weather to appear as one of my main category screens. I can see it as a subcategory for the General category, and selecting it takes me to Weather, but it doesn't appear as its own main category. I've looked through the settings multiple times, and it is not available as a category to hide/unhide, and enabling weather only turns on the small indicator at the top. Am i doing something wrong, or is this not a feature of this skin?

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scarfa Offline
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Rapier doesn't have a category for weather (design decision). However it will be looked into to add a weather category thats hidden by default in skin settings.
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trdmlc Offline
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Ok, thanks for the reply. I personally vote for the screen, as i have a specific way i theme my backgrounds that includes having Weather. But that's just my $.02.

Thanks for the great work!
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B1gD4ddy Offline
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I second this. I think the option should be there, even if it is not set as the default.

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just FYI --

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Vaikin Offline
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If you want to enable weather you can do something like editing the includes_home.xml file. A sub-menu of system you could add something like

<item id="2">

If you're curious its around line 2500.
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Verno Offline
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Really like the skin a lot but I miss having access to the extended forecasts and stuff in the Weather screen present in most other skins.

My workaround so far has been adding a Custom category, setting the type to Preset and picking General->Weather. Then scroll down a bit and select the Focus/Unfocus images and use some Weather icons from the skin library. Still miss the overview background when you have focus on icon at the home screen though.
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