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Grinsekatze Offline
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Hi there,

I'm using Aeon Nox on my RC2 setup and I noticed some bugs:
When I check details of a movie in Movie selection the source icon for DVD seems to be wrong. It looks as if it has a funny overlay of the same picture just moved to the side some millimeters - like a funny 3D effect.

Also on InfoWall layout the symbols for Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic seem to be wrong because on the right side they are colored differently (they are white instead of gray). you'll notice that especially with the last letter of Dolby Digital (the l) and the last letter of Dolby Pro Logic (the c). When I check the details of a movie these icons are fine.

Another suggestion: At the moment the MPAA flags for Germany are colored. How about painting them also gray to fit to the rest of the flags?
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BigNoid Offline
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The problem for infowall was fixed a couple of days ago in the 1080 branch. I cannot reproduce the problem with the dvd source flag in video info. Here's how it looks in my case and that is how it was intended:
[Image: flagsl.jpg]
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