Installing XBMC on NAS?

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I'm thinking of getting this: Synology DiskStation DS212j to store my movies/tv shows on, and according to this: you can install XBMC on it. My question is in two parts: how do you install it and what can you use to display it on a TV? I already have a PS3 and an Xbox 360 slim. I don't really want to buy anything else since I'll be spending quite a bit for the NAS. Thanks.
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Your device uses an ARM platform (Marvell to be specific). Three hurdles: you need to compile Xbmc for that platform (there are a lot of ARM flavours), and you need to have a GPU, and that GPU needs to support 3D.

A conventional NAS has no GPU (that would defeat the purpose of a remotely administered networked device). This one does not have one either.

If you want to combine both functions, you are better off putting something together yourself.

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The article you link to tells you that the Synology is compatible with XBMC as somewhere to store your media files (I use a DS211+, mounted over NFS to my XBMC units and using SMB to the various Android devices in the house). There's no suggestion of getting XBMC to run on the NAS itself for the reasons above.

Now, it is theoretically possible to get a TV backend running on your NAS if you want to really push the point...
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Have a look at the HP MicroServer range. They're designed to be a server/nas and quite a few people use them to run xbmc.
Have a look at the HP MicroServer range. They're designed to be a server/nas and quite a few people use them to run xbmc.

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If you are interested in a single BOX that offers NAS (Data storage and sharing) and XBMC client then QNAP TS-x53 range of devices will be a perfect match.

These NAS devices come with HDMI connectivity and that can stream out full HD and 7.1 surround.

Check this link for more info:

Have fun!
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