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Information  XBMC v11 (Eden) FAQ • ALL USERS: READ THIS!
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See: XBMC v11 (Eden) FAQ (wiki)

This includes upgrading questions, how to enable some of the new features, where some controls got moved, etc. In addition, please help us improve this page by adding to it or modifying it. (editing help at Help:Main page (wiki))

If you don't feel comfortable with modifying it directly, then just mention what you think should be added/changed in this thread.

A special note for MySQL users: HOW-TO:Sync multiple libraries/Upgrading XBMC from v10 to v11 (wiki)

Full disclosure: I work for WeTek. However, this is my personal account, and my words and opinion are my own.

HOW-TO: You can make easy links to the Kodi Wiki Manual using double brackets around common Kodi words: [[debug log]] = debug log (wiki), [[Video library]] = Video library (wiki), [[SMB]] = SMB (wiki) , etc
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