Asus O!Play Gallery custom firmware with XBMC?

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there's any possibility to build a custom firmware for the Asus O!Play Gallery including XBMC. The source code is available and seems to be powered by a Sigma Designs SMP8654. Brochure is available here: SP8654 Brochure

It is a MIPS processor but I think kernel and some patches are in the SourceCode package (not sure if this is enought to compile).

To avoid downloading from Asus that is extremely slow I've repackaged everything and uploaded it to Dropbox. (SourceCode and Code Sourcery recomended tool chain and latest tool chain). If you want to take a look: Asus O!Play Gallery source code and toolchains

A binary image of the latest firmware is also available from asus download site.

I'm really interested in finding a way to build a custom firmware to this device as the one from Asus is awful. I think the hardware of the player is great but the firmware included makes it unuseful because it has a lot of bugs. There are also many people complaining to the manufacturer without answer.

I'm not an expert in building Linux from the source but I've worked with several microcontrollers and compilers and can offer my help and also a testing platform with my O!Play Gallery.

Hope something can be done to improve this player Frown
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i think its a no go sorry....
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Unusual that Asus used a Sigma Designs chipset, they normally only use Realtek chipsets. The 8654 also lacks a GPU which is a necessity for XBMC.

Sigma Designs themselves have been porting elements of XBMC to their long overdue next generation chips (8910 series) so products based off those in the future will probably be the closest thing to a commercial XBMC set top box.
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