Feature request: Equalizer

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tha_lode Offline
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I would really like an equalizer integrated into XBMC. I use xbmcbuntu and there is no accessible equalizer available to me.

I don't know much about linux, but I'm sure equalizers have been developed already for linux, so it should just be a matter of making the gui and sticking it on the audio mixer?
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Robotica Offline
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Most team members don't favor equalizer within XBMC: The amplifier should do this.
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tha_lode Offline
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Ok. However my Tivoli Audio does not have an equalizer... It has a distinct "disco bass" boost which muddies up dialog a bit. Great for popmusic, but not the best for podcasts.
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Wozza_au Offline
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Maybe this? http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=88719
whilst not the perfect solution it works.
With the suggested asound.conf in the post,it only works on 2 channel audio (well here anyways )
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Aleem Offline
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I am using apple tv 2 today i have restored my apple tv and after that it is not working a white light blinking on my apple tv and apple logo on my TV i have tried my level best to resolve this problem but in vain anyone can help me regarding this matter.
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clutch Offline
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any updates on this? seem kinda odd that it's not a feature when most players have it. I don't want to use my amplifier remote for turning down the bass when my kids needs sleep. I don't even know where the remote is Smile

I run two XBMC HTPCs (WinVistax86+Win7x86 ) with Logitech Harmony and MCE remotes in my living rooms
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resinis Offline
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I would have thought Xbian would have an equalizer... Most quality amps are just that, amps. They don't do any dsp, because they are an amp.

I have my pi hooked to a small tripath amp, controlled by a phone. No dsp whatsoever, which is OK, but it would be really nice to have an EQ so I can compensate for certain songs and situations.
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Sundance Offline
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I absolutely second this request. I'd love to have an equalizer in XBMC. My amp is an amp, and as resinis said, most amps don't have an equalizer. I would use it mostly for my music collection. Currently using WinAmp for music since it offers an equalizer and it just makes it sound better with my personal preferences.
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Xycl Offline
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I'm absolutely against this request.
My tape deck, VHS recorder, CD player, bluray player, HIFI tuner etc. didn't / don't have equalizers.
This is the task of the amp.

(2013-11-17 14:27)Sundance Wrote:  Currently using WinAmp for music since it offers an equalizer and it just makes it sound better with my personal preferences.

I use a good pair of nearfield audio speakers together with my computer and high quality speakers with my stereo equipment.
There is absolutly no need for an equalizer except your're using bad quality MP3s.

No log no help.
How to submit a log file: XBMC-Wiki

Main page: https://github.com/Xycl
Repository: Xycl Repository
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neutro Offline
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Found this thread doing a Google search for an XBMC equalizer plugin; so sorry for being a bit late to the party.

I'm absolutely in favor of this request. When amps include an equalizer, they can be very limited and will typically apply to all sources. Having an EQ in XBMC is an opportunity for applying different EQ depending on certain rules or patterns in the source itself. E.g. bump bass if playing music if style is dubstep; bump mids if playing that particular net radio station, etc.

I want my amp to be adjusted to offer a *flat* response in-room. Any other tweak should be done on a per-source basis. And since XBMC aggregates multiple sources, the EQ should be in XBMC as my amp has no way to know what XBMC plays.
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normadize Offline
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Sorry to resurrect this but PLEASE add an equalizer to XBMC/Kodi. The arguments I see here are just silly. So (1) I'm supposed to have an amp and (2) my amp is supposed to have an equalizer. I just have a good 2.1 system with a volume button.

Most other software players have an equalizer or a plugin for it. People who are so much against it like Xycl can just turn it off. All others like myself can use it an enjoy XBMC even at night so that I don't wake up my neighbors due to the heavy bass ... just an example.

I know there are ways to add system wide equalizers (linux, windows and mac included) but it's just not the same thing. XBMC is so good in most other respects that it just looks odd there is no equalizer for it (built in or add-on).
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dr88dr88 Online
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I think the below PR will create the possibility to create an equalizer add-on:


Probably for Helix +1
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n1md4 Offline
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This please.

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