apple tv 2 question

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lazo696 Offline
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does the apple tv 2 stream from the internet hd movies without lagging
or buffering
or does this all do with adding a hd video card to the apple tv's
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jhsrennie Offline
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The ATV2 plays HD films just fine. Whether they will stream from the Internet depends on the speed of your Internet connection.

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lazo696 Offline
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hi so the apple tv 2 for HD does not require me installing a Broadcom Crystal HD card.
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Memphiz Offline
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No (not even possible) but the content has to be in h.264 encoded to get the hardware decoder happy. Else only SD resolutions are able to be decoded.

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Ned Scott Offline
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Apple TV 1 (silver) needs the Broadcom Crystal HD card, but can do more codecs when compared to the ATV2.

Apple TV 2 (black) does not require any hardware modification, but can only do h.264 (this is mostly all you need)

I need a little compare page that I need to update that gives the basic idea, but remember that the ATV1 and ATV2 are two very different beasts that share the same name:

ATV comparison guide

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