Windows - Add option for making content permanent in the library

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serieofilo Offline
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I've recently opened this thread about this (see

I would like to have an option for making some content permanent in the library (i.e. it doesn't get cleaned when "updating library" if the content is not available ... mainly because is in an external hard disk that is not connected at this moment).

I have some external hard disks (old ones, SATA, 320-500GB) that I use to store some files outside my computer. Is like the epoch when everyone burned CDs/DVDs with movies but with recycle hard disks ;-)

I can add the content to the library and browse it. If I try to play when the disk is not connected I get the error about not being available, great! I can connect the disk and try again. But, the problem is that this content is removed from the library when you do a "clean library" (useful if all your content is available -you clean things- but a problem in this case).

Well, I hope it can be implemented some day.

Thank you.
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DDDamian Offline
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look into stub files

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serieofilo Offline
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Hi DDDamian,

Yes, I use stub files for my offline DVD collection. I have a message in the stub files that indicates the DVD number so I can load it.

But, I suppose that stub files can't be used for media (AVI, MKV, etc.) in external hard disks that sometimes are not connected (for example, because you have some external hard disks and only a SATA dock).

Or I'm wrong?

PS: I've found this ... that will work but is not in the current XBMC (and well, nor in the patched version for HD Audio that I'm using -the Daniela one-).
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serieofilo Offline
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Sorry for opening this old thread but ... I would like to know if with new versions for XMBC (Frodo, 12.0) we have something for making permanent entries in the library (for example movies that are in external hard disks not always connected).

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Martijn Offline
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That was already there in Eden called "movie stubs"
See wiki

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Ned Scott Offline
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Media stubs for files hasn't been added yet, but should greatly simplify this.

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da-anda Offline
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we could add a prompt and ask if media from disconnected shares shall also be removed - shouldn't be such a big deal.
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