AppleTV 2 (black) - Can XBMC Eden 11.0 play 3d movies?

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turbinez Offline
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I have a Samsung 3dtv that uses active 3d glasses, will downloading 3d bluray rips works
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zad3717 Offline
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Can you not download one and try? even just the sample would give you and any one else the answer Wink
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navig8r Offline
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(2012-04-04 04:05)turbinez Wrote:  I have a Samsung 3dtv that uses active 3d glasses, will downloading 3d bluray rips works

Yes it will!! I have Samsung also and it works perfectly Nod

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ukbootlegs Offline
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I can't get it to work.

I hear the audio in the background, but no video.

XBMC 10 was fine, but since upgrading to Eden, I don't see the video.
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Ned Scott Offline
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SBS (side by side) will work, but that's about it.
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br33d Offline
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Side by Side, and the top and bottoms work great. Confirmed with Eden.

EDIT- With my Panasonic 3D TV.
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Dam0 Offline
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i would suspect you have to manually set your 3d tv to display in either sbs or OU depending on source.

with windows, you could setup external player to make pc do the hard work, and let tv run without need for remote changes.

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