Linux - Wireless Setup

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stampmagnet Offline
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I got xmbcbuntu installed but I am not sure how I can setup the wireless network?

I checked the system settings and network settings but I could not an option to set it up.
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Ned Scott Offline
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Are you checking this within XBMC? If so, you won't find the option there. You will need to exist XBMC (press S or select the power icon on the home screen) and enter the Ubuntu desktop, which will have network settings.

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stampmagnet Offline
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how can i get into the ubuntu desktop? which option is that?
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Plaguester Offline
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Pretty sure that "Exit" is the option you want.

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artrafael Offline
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After you select Exit as Plaguester said, you should be presented with a log-in window. There is a drop-menu below the username and password fields that lists Openbox, XBMC and XBMCbuntu. Select the "XBMCbuntu" option and log-in with your username and password. This should present you with a standard desktop and you should be able to select the network icon on the task bar in the lower-right corner to setup your wireless. You can then select Shutdown/Log-out to bring up the log-in window again and select the "XBMC" session so your system will once again boot directly in XBMC.
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raventara Offline
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I'm having weird issues with my wireless adapter in that it works fine for about 10 minutes and then shuts down...

I have tried this with manual ip settings and DHCP and both times it just dies after about 10 minutes.
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