Volume change stops movie playback.

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suco Offline
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Up to now, XBMC worked perfectly for me. However, today a very strange behavior started...
Whenever I play a movie and want to augment the volume of the movie, the playback stops. I have a Thinkpad, and I augment the volume by pressing the built-in controls of the laptop.
This is reproducible with different movies.

This error also occurs when I change the volume of the notebook via a autohotkey script.

I tried to deactivate all 'stop'-shortcuts in the keyboard.xml, but it didn't have any results.

I've got no idea what other options I might have to fix this error... any help would be very much appreciated. Smile

Ps: I forgot some information:
- XBMC: Eden
- OS: Windows 7 64
- PC: Thinkpad T520
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Ned Scott Offline
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If you can get us a debug log (wiki) then we might be able to see what XBMC is doing when the key is pressed.

Full disclosure: I work for WeTek. However, this is my personal account, and my words and opinion are my own.

You can make easy links to the Kodi Wiki Manual using double brackets around common Kodi words: [[debug log]] = debug log (wiki), [[Video library]] = Video library (wiki), [[SMB]] = SMB (wiki) , [[userdata]] = userdata (wiki), etc
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suco Offline
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The behavior stopped when I disabled all keyboard shortcuts for 'stop' in keyboard.xml.

Strangely, I tried to reproduce the error for the debug log by replacing the modified keyboard.xml with the original keyboard.xml. Now, the error does not occur.
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