Optimal Hardware for PVR (WIN/LINUX)

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acegis Offline
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Hi guys,

initially I put my post in "Hardware for XBMC" but so far there is no answer, so I guess I should ask here ;-)
My question is: what is the optimal hardware for PVR HTPC - I mean something dealing easily also with good quality de-interlacing and scaling (eg. lanczos etc).
What would be optimal for WIN, what for LINUX?
And what would be the best?

thx acegis

p.s. currently I have Brazos but it seems this stuff I mentioned is to much for this APU.
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robo989 Offline
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RAM - 2GB might as well get at least that as it's dirt cheap, can't go wrong with 4GB even if not needed.
CPU - Doesn't matter, anything over 1Ghz
Graphics\GPU - GT430 is pretty cheap and very well supported can do good de-interlacing and scaling.
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Bonzi Offline
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Seems to me your most important choice for hardware will be the TV tuner. If you chose linux...then many will not work or not work optimally due to driver problems. If you go the linux route, I would suggest an HDHomerun. Actually I would suggest the same for windows too Wink.
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acegis Offline
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Hi guys, thanks for your input!
But in the meantime I sold my Brazos and ordered AMD A6-3500 + 4GB RAM, and am am going to use Windows 7 again instead of XBMCBuntu.
AMD have brilliant driver for Win an I hope my card will handle hardware de-interlacing - the best one - vector adaptive.
If not I will be quite unhappy.

P.S the rest of hardware that I have
- Prof Revolution 7500 USB DVB-S2
- chasing Gigabyte MIB T5140 + 60W PSU
- WD Green 2T + SSD 32GB

I hope it will be ok also for TV ;-)
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