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texasfrank Offline
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Is UMS broken in Gotham, latest ATV2 release 13.2?

I can't add any videos to the DB using the Universal Movie Scraper, have to revert to theMovieDB-Scraper.
Though that does work, too, I'd rather have the fully-equipped UMS back. Any API changes or sthing like that?
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bluenote Offline
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I suddenly found myself with trailers (movie name-trailer.mov in movie folder) showing up in my library as if they are movies. I didn't change any settings to my knowledge. How could this happen, and how do I fix it?
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komadori Offline
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first post (long time lurker and user of Xbmc/Kodi).

I think I found a bug in UMS recently.

It's "100%" reproducible.

Using IMDB as the name source and getting US Names, some movies cannot be found. Case in point is for example the OpenMovie "Sintel" from 2010. Parsing my log, UMS uses this string as search:


but the user information box doesn't return Sintel as the valid choice. So... I was wondering why Interstellar (the second result in the akas search box) is in the result list and Sintel was not (the first result). And my only explanation is, that Interstellar does have actual AKAs and different language names, whereas Sintel does not.

The same is true for Tears of Steel (same OpenMovie releaser). But that movie does have a language name.

Either way, to me it seems sometimes the first result is somehow dropped. The result html in the debug log also starts with Interstellar... maybe it just ignores the first result, but that'd also mean that a lof of movies would never be found, which is unlikely.

Either way, I just wanted to let you know.
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nickr Offline
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I vaguely recall an option to ignore short movies - check ums settings.

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