Mac OS X - Scrapping problem with DVD & BR architecture

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Hi everybody,

I have some problem with DVD & BR Scrapping on Mac OS X.

I build an other XBMC application and every things seem to be ok.I haven't got any error on Xcode. I can watch some movie, photos and all things like that.
But when i want to scrap all my DVD or BR files, XBMC can't do it.
For information i have this problem only when i have an DVD or BR architecture (VIDEO_TS..). When i have a movie with only 1 files (.avi, .mkv or .mp4) every things work very fine.

Some one can give me some information about that ??

Thanks a lot !!

[MAJ] This is the xbmc.log files for more information

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It's all right i found the solution.

In the XBMC code, we have a specific management for those files and it doesn't work with Eden.

I delete this management code and it's all right.

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really helpfull...

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