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randomwalsh Offline
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Running iOS 5.0.1 with the latest XBMC Eden.

I copy my series / movies into var/mobile/media/xbmc/movies and var/mobile/media/xbmc/tv shows

I open XBMC on ipad and add sources and set content for movies and tv and run automated scan.

It only scrapes a few movies and misses out other. But if I do a browse for in the file menu the file is there and plays. It just doesnt scrape it and add it.

For the tv series it just scrapes the name of the show but not the folders inside ie Season 1, 2.... or the episodes...

Any help?

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DLeavy Offline
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How are they named? Can you provide a debug log (wiki) of you scraping? Can you call up the Episdoe Information of the show when you're in file view?
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crawl Offline
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Yeah, if the file isn't named correctly, it won't scrape it correctly.

If it's named like "SomeAwesomeMovie.HDTV.720P.Release.ENG.avi", it's probably not going to scrape right.

It scrapes the best when the movie is named in the format "SomeAwesomeMovie (2012).avi".

For TV Shows, it's important to have the files include the S01E01 type info for season and episode scraping.
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Ned Scott Offline
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See Adding videos to the library (wiki)

Full disclosure: I work for WeTek. However, this is my personal account, and my words and opinion are my own.

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randomwalsh Offline
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thanks for the replies.

its seems to have cleared it up

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