Windows 8

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patseguin Offline
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Anyone had any issues with Windows 8 CP? I was forced to install it on my bedroom htpc (don't ask) and no problems yet. I'm probably going to upgrade both my systems to the release preview in a couple weeks and wondered if anyone had any problems maybe I hadn't run into yet.

Server: Synology Diskstation 1511+ with 8x 3TB drives and DSM 5.0
Main HTPC: Home built Intel core i3, 8GB RAM, Corsair 128GB SSD, nVidia 630GTX, Rii micro keyboard remote, Pioneer VSX-53, Panasonic VT30 65" 3D TV, OpenElec 4.1.2
Bedroom HTPC: Zotac-ID 41 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Rii micro keyboard remote, Samsung HW-E550, Sony Google TV, OpenElec 4.1.2
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digitaltomj Offline
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The only prob ive found is, if you are going to use the MCERemote add-on, you need to run the program in administrator mode or the configurations wont set...and then you have to run xbmc normally or the keymaps wont might want to run xbmc in windows 7 compatibility mode just to eliminate other possible glitches (You can run compatibility mode with any program and that normally fixes any problems you may encounter)

Ps, you should look into Start 8 its a tweak that adds a start button back to the taskbar...but the best part is that its a smaller version of metro so auto search still works (auto search is one of my fave parts of win 8)
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