Custom addition to TV Show library

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Glocke Offline
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Hi guys, I am trying to add a TV Show to XBMC, Vietnam in HD, ripped from my Blu ray, however the TV Show that XBMC uses is the TV show format, 6 episodes, however the blu ray rip is 3 episodes, double length. Is there are easy way to easily add this to my library?
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Ned Scott Offline
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See the custom portion of Adding videos to the library

You can make easy links to the XBMC wiki using double brackets around common XBMC words: [[debug log]] = debug log, [[Video library]] = Video library, [[SMB]] = SMB , [[userdata]] = userdata, etc
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jordandk Offline
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you can name them fx


Now XBMC will show them as six episodes. Working all the time.
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